30 Sep 2012

... who knows what he wants.

He goes out there and makes things happen, and knows a thing or two about what makes the people in his life happy.

He's been looking for a woman to share his life with, and who's life he wants to witness and be a part of.  He's moved passed the fear of commitment "stage", and knows that his freedom lies in his choices.

And he's ready to choose this woman he's found.  He does not only want to choose her now, but also every day for the rest of his life.

She compliments him, supports him when he needs it and yet challenges him too, just when he needs it.   She's loving, beautiful, and ready to choose him back.

And so it's time to ask her to be his- forever and ever.  And because this is such a significant moment in both their lives, he wants a special, unique and yet grand gesture to accompany the moment.

He also knows her – he knows her well and she loves music.  She enjoys music even more when it's live. And even more when it's a band she's a fan of. 

And he knows she's a fan of WONDERboom.

So what an opportunity it would be to have WONDERBoom rock his house, as he pops the Question.  To this song:

So this Lover and I need to chat.  Are you him? Do you have a friend who is him?

We can work out a trade so he can propose in front of WONDERboom playing at his house, in the "Rock the House" experience I have on offer.

Call me. +27837302979. Let's chat and find a way to trade!

PS- I'm still also looking for a Man having a mid-life crisis.

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