23 Apr 2014

But I do know who does.

Remember this (three-way) trade involving Henna Tattoos that I did ages ago, as part of the big 375 T-shirts trade?

Well, it's amazing that out of all the trades that I have done to date, this one has had the biggest echo, if I can call it that.

It has led to me getting phoned and asked if I do temporary tattoo's quite regularly.  

I just had such a call right now, where the lady was looking to partner with someone to do temporary tattoos for a big event.

(And now I'll probably get even more calls after writing this post *dooh!*)

The person I keep referring all these inquiries to is Nikita, as she can do some pretty amazing stuff with Mehndhi.  And I did trade with her for the tattoo party.

It just amazes me how people keep finding me and strike up the conversation as if I am in the tattoo business. #newcareercallingperhaps?

These are a few of the tattoo's that were done
at the onematchstick Henna Tattoo party.

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