24 Feb 2015

Once people hear of my onematchstick story to date, and get what I am trying to do with trading up in value, the question that they most often ask me is: Are you going to write a book?
And if it’s not a question, it’s the statement “you should write a book”.

And I do believe I will.  I will write a book.

Since I started out holding that single matchstick in my hand and writing my first blogpost, I've had an amazing few years.  And it’s not over yet.

And when you are open to a possibility, it’s amazing how you start to see and find the resources you need to make that possibility a reality.

One such resource is the book “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur--How to Publish a Book” written by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.

I was recommended the book by my friend Mongezi, and we ended up interviewing Guy Kawasaki about the book (as part of my show, Let's Talk Possibility), as it is such a useful and worthwhile read – especially for any would-be author.

APE helped me to feel that I could not only write a book, but also that I could self publish it.  Guy and Shawn shed some interesting arguments about the pro’s for self publishing, as the debate around Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing can be a confusing territory to traverse.

A lot of people have very little to say about Traditional Publishers that is good, because they appear to be very controlling and take all the profit.  Yet, Self Publishers have a bad name too, for poor quality and they are tarnished by the thought that their book wasn't good enough for the traditional big publishers.  

APE not only works through all those points, giving clear and practical guidance on how to go either route, but it also introduces what the authors call “Artisanal Publishing” and also a “Plan C” that involves both options.

A valuable part of the book too is the section on the “Entrepreneur” aspect of writing a book, which I found most stimulating.  Most people believe their book is the next big thing, and that publishers will fight over the book to publish it, and then people will buy and read it.   Guy and Shawn advocate that marketing of your book starts before it’s even been written.

And so, after having read APE and recommending it, I am applying what I have learnt, and letting you know now that I will be writing a book about the onematchstick story – so watch this space!

For more info check out: http://apethebook.com/

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