16 Nov 2014

"What could you do with a day of my time, to help you get to your one matchstick office?" posed Alan to me, generously.

"Trade it?" I replied, and started smiling, gratefully.

And so Alan Hilburg has offered me a day of consulting with him, that I can trade on for the Key to the one matchstick office (well, that’s our aim with this trade!).

The thing is, Alan doesn't need the Mobile Lifestyle Makeover item which is my current item to trade. He’s very mobile, living between Washington DC and Johannesburg as he expands his company, Hilburg Associates, into Africa.

Thus a tricky trading traverse has presented itself: I've said I was burning the matchstick from both ends, and now maybe it’s got lit in the middle too?

I’ll be talking with my possible future Landlord to see if he could do with some branding and crisis management consulting.

And I need to be creative to trade the Lifestyle Makeover into something that Alan wants in exchange for his 8 hours of consulting…

So, I come to my friends and followers to ask for ideas and help. Can you see a way to make these three items link up that I haven’t seen yet? Let me know if you want to help me brainstorm, and we can meet up for a coffee or Skype chat or something!

In the meantime, I’ll be working on an idea I have for Alan that involves elephant kisses! And my future possible Landlord will be getting an email from me too! 

For now though, here is the detail about what Alan is offering:

A day with Alan Hilburg

Benefit from a clear-eyed, experienced (30 years) perspective on your business, your strengths, your challenges, opportunities and strategies for connecting more effectively with your primary stakeholder communities (either internal or external). This day will involve an analysis of what Alan hears, and what he sees, and advice on improving your story and strategy for connecting with your key stakeholder communities, with professional coaching on how to achieve those objectives.

Who is Alan Hilburg?

Wiki says: 
“Alan Hilburg is an American communications and branding consultant. Hilburg specializes in crisis management, litigation and organizational brand alignment.
Hilburg has worked on 107 trials and over 200 global crisis cases and branding campaigns beginning in 1982 for companies like Tylenol and more recently with the U.S. Veterans Administration.
He has also worked in various industries including the tobacco industry (in which he created the Under 18—No Tobacco strategy), transportation, hospitality, environmental industries, chemical, healthcare and education sectors.
Hilburg has over 30 years of experience as a communications strategist consultant, and has also written two New York Times best selling books and produced several documentaries.
He has been described by the London Times as being a "leading corporate brand architect," and the New York Times has referred to him as the "Red Adair of corporate crisis management.”
Who would benefit from a day with Alan?
  • Businesses
  • Major corporations
  • High profile individuals
  • Celebrities
Terms and conditions of the Day with Alan Hilburg:
  • You get 8 face-to-face hours of Alan’s time – additional time spent learning your business, market conditions etc. will be for Alan’s own additional investment.
  • These 8 hours can be used in one go, or broken into 2 x 4 hours, or an initial 4 hour and then 2 x 2 hour sessions.
  • Alan will require as much “stuff” as possible in advance to make the time most valuable, and he will do independent due diligence. He will also follow up to see the progress.
  • As many people as you like can be part of the session with Alan. Though, if there are more than ten people then everyone will have less time to contribute.
  • Participants can be at any level, however if strategy is a key focus, then it should be those who set the strategy who attend.
  • When the session will be held will be dependent on participants diaries, and would be set for sometime in the first three months of 2015 (and remember, everything is negotiable ;-) )
  • The session can be held anywhere. If in South Africa, travel will be for Alan’s account. If outside of South Africa, expenses would be expected to be covered by you.

So, what would it be worth to you to future proof your business (or personal) brand? What would it be worth to you to not lose in terms of your stake holders?

Get in touch with me if you’d like to explore how to get to spend a day with Alan Hilburg.

Call me on 0837302979 or email onematchstick@gmail.com

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