16 Mar 2010

Have you seen a 360 degree photo? They're pretty cool. Actually they are absolutely cool! You get to see everything including the ground and the sky, and all around you as if you were actually there in the spot the photo was taken.

Just like this photo that John Gore took of Ruan Smit as he was cycling down to Cape Town and stopped to chat to some ostriches.

John has offered me 3 separate 360 degree images for 3 separate locations in a trade for 3 of my Springleap T-Shirts. Nice hey!

You can see more examples of 360 degree images on John's website. These images give you a full screen, virtual tour of your location and the images are in brilliant colour HDR (that's just tech speak for making your venue look super duper cool and fabulous!)

So if you have a restaurant, bed and breakfast, hotel or lodge (or know anyone who does) and it's anywhere in the Mossel Bay area, Cape Town or Gauteng (these are the places John will be over the next few weeks), then let me know! You'll get a 360 degree image worth R1000 for just the price of one T-shirt (that's R183). It's a sweeeet deal! It could even be a really funky way of taking a photo of your favourite spot on earth to remember forever and ever...

So this 3-Way Trade is:
Three of you get a 360 degree image each
John gets three T-shirts
I get to trade on another three of my T-shirts

So again, if you have a hotel or guest house or restaurant and are keen for a 360 degree photo for the price of a Tshirt (or know of someone who might be interested) CALL ME 0837302979. Ta!

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