7 Apr 2010

A couple of weeks ago I met Joe at a dinner party, and he was intrigued by my story so far. He's a prominent diamond dealer, and so naturally offered me what he knows best for a trade- a diamond. Wow!

This is the diamond!

I went to visit Joe and get a better sense of diamonds, as I'm not much of a diamond girl myself. Gosh, did I learn a lot! And Joe even showed me the latest technology he uses in the process of turning a rough diamond into a cut one! A-ma-zing!

So I now have a certified, beautiful, small diamond to trade with someone for five Springleap T-shirts! It's sparkles, as diamond should, and has a lovely grey hue about it. It's a "point two niner" (I'm learning the lingo!) and is ideal to set into a pendant or a ring.

So, guys, if you have an anniversary coming up, or want to celebrate the birth of your child with a sparkling gift to his/her mother, or are just plain into spoiling the one you love, then consider this:

Trade with me for one beautiful small diamond, valued at R1200, by purchasing five Springleap T-shirts for Joe (which is only R915.00).

The Diamond has a certificate, and the specs are:
Shape: Round Brilliant
Weight: 0.297 Carat
Clarity: SI2
Colour: STW (I) Grey Hue

The diamond

So if you're interested in this diamond, CALL ME! 0837302979

You'll get this little beauty of a diamond
Joe will get 5 T-shirts
And I'll be 5 T-shirts closer to my goal of offices!

Sparkling (as my friend Shan would say)!

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