26 May 2010

I have another three-way trade to offer. And this is for an art enthusiast!

Dawn Nair is an artistic number-cruncher for an internet company in Johannesburg, and she is orginally from America. She paints and sings- and what talent she has! I've been lucky enough to hear not only her recorded music, but also an impromptu song or two!

She takes her inspiration for her paintings from the various countries and cities she has visited around the world, and her paintings are colourful and just lovely. She has chosen one of her paintings to trade with me and we've been talking about it for a few weeks now. So I'm super stoked to be sharing it now.

Dawn says that she "chose to paint this particular portrait of Rembrandt during his 29th year because most of his self portraits show an older man with florid skin, bulbous nose and watery eyes. Here one sees Rembrandt as a young man with the promise of great things ahead."

This copy of Rembrandt's self portrait is painted with high quality oils, on board that is primed according to the old Masters techniques and style.

Rembrandt by Dawn

- Dimensions -
W290 x L370 x D10mm
Dawn is asking for two of my Springleap.com T-shirts for this beautiful oil painting.

So if you don't know yet how three-way trades work, here's how it goes:

If you would like this oil painting, all you need to do is put up the cash to trade with me for two T-shirts (that's just R402) which we give to Dawn, and you get the oil painting.

So, if you're keen to trade with Dawn and I, then CALL ME 083 730 2979.

You'll get this copy of Rembrandt's self portrait at age 29.
Dawn will get 2 T-shirts.
And I'll be 2 more T-shirts closer to finishing my tenth trade!

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