10 Jun 2010

I was made an offer a few months ago that I havent found a way yet to make it work... so maybe someone reading this will have a great idea and can help me come up with a way forward.

My friend Charl works for SAB, and we were chatting at a party about my Springleap T-shirt trade. He then offered a few beers- well, nearly 500 beers actually!

Charl said he is keen to see me succeed with trading this matchstick into an office, and his way of helping is to sponsor 2 beers per T-shirt that I trade. So the idea would be that when someone trades for me for a T-shirt, they also get two beers sponsored by SAB.

Fabulous hey! Only thing is the logistics.

You see, Eran and Eric of Springleap are not only trading 375 of their funky T-shirts with me for the Party with DJ Al you Pal, but they are also facilitating my next trade as I trade on each of the T-shirts with 375 people. So far they have helped me trade on 129 T-shirts, leaving me with 246 to go.

What this means is that when you trade with me for one of the T-shirts, you "purchase the T-shirt through the Springleap website, using the coupon code onematchstick so that we can track it's a trade with me, and then Springleap are delivery the T-shirt to your door by courier! Logistics of the T-shirt trades is taken care of.

Now to take advantage of Charls offer of sponsoring 2 beers per T-shirt as an extra incentive to trade with me, somehow I need to get the beers to the trader. The logistics of delivering the 2 beers to each person has become a problem, because we cant courier the beer to each person who trades with me.

When Charl made his offer I came up with the idea of distributing the beers at an event – so if you traded with me, and then went to the event, you would be able to collect your two free beers sponsored by Charl. At the time of Charl making his offer, my favourite South African band was playing in the background at the party, and feeling all inspired by their music and Charl’s offer, I decided to ask them if they would allow me to distribute the beers at one of their concerts.

After a few weeks of putting together a proposal and finding someone who knew the band and who knew someone I knew (I ended up finding three people who I knew who knew someone who knew the band- talk about 6 degrees of separation!), I nervously picked up the phone and called one of the members of the band.

He loved the idea of one matchstick, but after another few weeks of waiting and waiting, he came back to me saying that they couldn't find a way to help me as it conflicted with their existing sponsors of their concerts...What a disappointment! But how awesome that I got to speak with my favourite South African band and have their best wishes for my trading project!

So... here I am... a few weeks later still racking my brain as to how to make Charls offer work.

Maybe you have an idea?

Maybe you know of another band that would be keen to see my proposal? I negotiated a nice deal too that includes a special offer from Springleap for a band, so its a sweet deal.

Or maybe you have an event happening or some other way that I could get the beers delivered to people who trade with me?

If so, please do get in touch and lets chat! I could do with some fresh thinking on this offer, to make it work!

Call me on 083 730 2979 or email onematchstick@gmail.com. Thanks- any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. Telana says:

    I got some great ideas from my facebook note about this blog post- see below. What do you think of these ideas?

    Eran Eyal:
    Do a swarm.
    11 June at 11:17

    Eran Eyal:
    @daviddonde is doing one at Truth next week 16th between 11 and 1

    "If you are coming through to Cape Town for the world cup, or for that matter for any other excuse, visit my artisanal coffee roastery and cafe. TRUTH. coffeecult situated on the Fan Mile in Greenpoint and now with a depot in the V&A Waterfront, it is about the only coffee geek prepared stuff out here. http://www.truthcoffee.com/find-us/ if you are in Cape Town on the 16th there is a foursquare crowdstorm 11am-1pm, South Africa's first, should be fun."
    11 June at 11:18

    Lewis Khoury:
    Maybe using outlets like The Baron or News Café and tie up a promotion and partner with those owners to get mileage. You get the right type of people there and ones who also have money on them.

    It could be a big one because, based on Charl's trade of 2 beers each, there are 250 total trades - Wow - that's a magic number.

    My question is - can you close a complete trade cycle at one event? The t-shirts get delivered later to the person doing the trade. If the owner of the outlet is willing to accept their credit card for the trade and pay for the various coupons directly.

    I know that Peter from News Café in Sandton and 4Ways could be interested and then the Baron on Main and the one in Sandton are good spots too.

    Trade with one or the other and also they need to understand the cause behind it.

    Just an idea !!!

    This is a difficult one because of the bottles...

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