24 Sept 2010

A while ago the Ubuntu Girl Sonja Kruse was in Joburg, and we organised a talk in Soweto to hear her story. If you weren't there, then check out her blog to hear what she is doing- it's an amazing story!

At the talk, Vije Vijendranath offered to come take some photos, and he then offered me some photography as part of a Three-Way Trade. Yayy!

I've been following him on Facebook for a while now, and am constantly appreciating the exceptional photographs he takes, of scenery, but especially of people. He has a way of capturing the atmosphere and the person that makes his photographs a delight to look at.

He has offered me a photo shot for some T-shirts! Super Fly deal this is!

This 3 hour photo shoot is ideal for a corporate wanting to take photos of their team, or for an up and coming model wanting to develop a portfolio. A band or family might even like it, for some portraits. "It can be anything really, all depends on what's possible for the time available. So if I can do what is needed within 3 hours, great!" said Vije!


  1. The shoot will take place within Gauteng
  2. Vije will provide the best photos and he will not give all the photos that he takes.
  3. For a modelling shoot, he will spend around 1.5hrs on the shoot and the other 1.5hrs is used for the editing of the photos.
  4. The photos will be on CD/DVD but no prints.
Vije is offering this photo shoot for eight of my Springleap T-shirts! So it'll cost you just R1515 (for the T-shirts and for delivery) for this awesome photo shoot!

You can get more of this Photographer on his website: http://www.vimagemedia.com/
And more pictures from his portfolio from his blog: http://blog.vimagemedia.com/

So, if you would like a 3 hour photo shoot, then CALL ME 0837302979.

You'll get a CD full of the best photos taken in 3 hours by Vije!
Vije will get 8 Springleap T-shirts!
I'll be 8 T-shirts closer to my goal of finishing my tenth trade!

A three-way win-win-win!

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