10 Feb 2011

So I need some help. Really. I do.

And no, not necessarily that kind of help- I might be a bit off the wall, but I'm ok... I think... ;)

What I reallllly need help with is to find the 134 people that I haven't met yet who I know will trade with me by buying one of my Springleap T-shirts, or doing one of these 3-way trades with me.

I know that there are 134 more people out there in the world that will trade with me gladly, but I just haven't met them yet. I know this. Absolutely!

So this is where you come in- please help me to reach those 134 people? Pretty, pretty pleeeeez?
I have two ideas:

1) If you have already traded with me and now own a funky Springleap T-shirt, wear it on Fridays until I finish trading the 134 T-shirts (I'm aiming to finish soon, so it will just be for a few Fridays!). You're bound to get comments about the T-shirt, and then you can mention onematchstick.co.za and how they can trade with me to get their very own Springleap T and help me get to offices.

2) Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to one of a matchstick (a few samples to use are below, and alot more here on this page) and let your friends know why. (I got this idea from the Ubuntu-Girl who did just this on Facebook, and got her friends to guess why- it was fun too!)

onematchstick.co.zaonematchstick.co.za onematchstick.co.za


So will you please help me find those 134 people?


aka 'matchstick girl!

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