1 Aug 2014

I received a sms today: 

"Got an office in Hyde Park for trade! What you got for me?"
I called them back and explained that my dream, ideal space will be 200m2 for 3 years.  
"Oh, I thought it was an office just for you?  
"Well I do need an office to run my coaching practicecoaching practice from, so yes- some of the space will be for me.  I also want to have enough space to help start-up entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground, and to ultimately help create more jobs - which are so needed today."
There was a pause...

And then I said nonchalantly that I wont be paying rent . . . in Rand currency. I'll be trading it for something they feel is of equal value which will be in some other "currency" which originated from a single matchstick.  It may be a service, or a product, or an experience that they feel is of equal value for the 200m2 of office space, for a  3 year period.  And so we discussed some options.

It turns out that the 'WONDERboom Rock the House' item I have now might not fit for this possible future Landlord #2 (remember, I have a possible future Landlord #1 who I'm also speaking with). 

So maybe I should be trading with my current new offer for WONDERboom to make it a reality, and that might fit with one of the possible future Landlords...?

Either way, time will tell how these deals unfold, and where the one matchstick office ends up.   

We ended the call with a request of me to sms through a summary of what I am looking for, and the way forward. Which I did, and so the negotiation continues (and you wonder why it's taken me 8 years to get this far? ;-) )

It's very exciting that after all these years (yes, it was 8 years in June this year since I traded the matchstick for the ordinary green ballpoint pen) I'm getting genuine calls about actual office space, from people willing to barter for it.

This . . . is . . . FUN! :)  Not only fun, but a possibility too!

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