27 Sept 2014

I've been asked for a "business plan" for the one matchstick office, and it's probably a good idea to get my vision down into details on paper.  

Alan, who has asked to learn more about my vision, has also made me an offer that might help me get much closer to the office space.  

However, it’s a step or two away from my current Lifestyle Makeover item (as he doesn't want the makeover, and I’m going to need to put on my creative cap to get to what he’d want - more on that when I know!).

Also, I have a lead who knows people who know people, who I bumped into after the recent South Africa eCommerce Conference after I recognised his funky socks in the crowd.  

And I suspect from the brief conversation we had walking to our respective cars in the car park, that he’ll want some kind of business plan document too.  I haven't contacted him yet, and am feeling really motivated to put in the hard graft of writing a plan.

So I started working on the one matchstick Business Plan a few days ago, and came across this idea of a “One Page Business Plan” to use as a framework.  #KISS

After tweeting about it, today I got a lovely surprise from my friend Carl with this awesome, big canvas to use.  The Business Model Canvas is another great framework - not only to learn for the work I do at Inner Coaching with up and coming Entrepreneurs  -but also to help me work on the one matchstick model.  

So thank you Carl! You rock! :)

And I can’t wait to stick this up on my wall, and get some coloured pens and post-it notes, put on some tunes, and then get cracking on getting crystal clear on the one matchstick office!

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  1. marjan says:

    Hi Telana,
    thanks for sharing this! we can use this too at my NPO for all the plans we are having.
    Just trying to figure out how I can print it from home, seems like it's one big pdf.
    good luck with the business plan, and onematchstick!

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