19 Oct 2015

I was invited to chat about bartering and my onematchstick project on the Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3 today!  

Luckily I was down in Cape Town also visiting Strandveld Vineyards (in my next post I'll share an update!) and my family, so I could pop into the studio at the break of day.

it was a very quick and fun chat with Katlego Maboe, and I was hoping they'd ask me about bartering in today's world, and I could share how it's happening now in Greece quite a bit.  

With their financial crisis that broke out in 2010, hundreds of barter communities have materialised and people have started informally bartering more seriously about three years ago.

And it seems to have become even more popular this year, since the banks were closed and bank controls restricting money withdrawals have been put in place since June this year.

Although this alternative economy is not mainstream, it is interesting to watch the likes of butchers swapping a month's worth of meat for tyres for their vans.

Greece is an example of using bartering when times are tough, by finding alternative ways to trade that still allow us to do what we need to do, to get by.

I'm just trying to trade an ordinary little matchstick up into office space, to help startup entrepreneurs. :)

Thanks Katlego and the Expresso Morning Show Team for having me on your show!!

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