14 Jun 2008

I know I've appeared quiet...

But I'm known to make a BIG noise in my quiet way. ;o)

Behind the scenes lots is happening! Thanks to those of you who have been nudging me and checking in to see what's happening.

I've been researching quite a few offers, finding out more about the items and their perceived value that others have of them, and strategising as to what would be a good option to then trade on... and it hasn't been easy! I've even been a breath away from getting in my car and driving 6 hours to Durban to make a trade, only to find out at the last instant that the info I was given of a model number was incorrect, so the item was no longer 'right' for this project...

I'm not sharing too much on what items I have liked the possibilities of, as I'm assuming that may limit the perceptions of those that are considering making me offers. (What do you think? Leave a comment). I find that when you want something specific and definite- then you need to communicate that in specific, definite terms. However, if you want people to be creative, to use their possibility thinking, then the more open ended the better. So I aint telling as to what I have explored in depth as options- only those who have received a barrage of questions from me might have a clue! And I thank you for patiently answering all my questions :o) You guys have been STARS!

I've also learnt something with using "cash" as an item to trade. And that is that cash has such a definite, exact value that it's limited, in a way, the offers that have been made. On the other hand, it has brought a lot of interest, and hence over 90 offers have been made! Wow!

So from here, there are a few items that have verbally been offered that I am waiting clarification of the details and a commitment that they are offers, and there are a few items that I am still considering and researching and speaking to some mentors who I believe have amazing strategy-minded brains! And in between all of this I am still being a change agent and a facilitator of excellence in communication!

So- if you've been wondering where Telana has gone to? And when will she make her next trade? And if turtles sing? then rest assured, knowing that activity galore is happening behind the scenes of this blog! In the instant that I find the right item for my strategy, or find out if turtles do in fact sing, then I'll be making it known! (If you're following me on twitter- then you'd be one of the first in the world to know when this happens!)

"Noisy" T

PS: Oh! And by the way- I did hear back from Kyle himself. He DOES have plans to come to sunny South Africa, but just no idea when! I'll let you know when I know!

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