4 Oct 2009

Filming of the onematchstick movie is in full swing!

I met up with the rockstars at Missing Link a few weeks ago and got introduced to the multi-talented Jarrod: my producer, editor and camera man. The team talked me through their ideas which I loved, and without giving too much away, here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of the onematchstick Movie.

Eran Eyal, one of the guys who I am busy trading the T-shirts with, was in Jozi at the right time, and we grabbed the opportunity to shoot a scene or two with him. He fitted us in his busy schedule and we met up at Primi Piatti Rosebank. Springleap T-shirts were all over the place, and we had loads of fun!

Eran and Telana, with Jarrod behind the camera

I had my first taste of what it must be like to be a movie star- and it's turned out to be not as easy as I imagined. We worked on the script right there and then, and thank goodness my friend Gen came along for the fun, as she helped me get the script just right (she also took a lot of the photo's- Thanks Gen!). There's a lot to tell about my story, but only a short amount of time to get what I want to say across, so we had to choose the words wisely. And then I had to remember them! From the excitement of it being T-shirt Trade day - the day I started trading the T-shirts - and the first film shoot, plus the fact that I had only got a few hours of sleep, we had a good laugh at my few tongue-tied moments!

Ha! got my lines right for a change :)

Eran's a fascinating guy- besides the passion he has for Springleap and their Tee's, he has a passion for life that's extraordinary and catchy. He left his mark on the movie with some of his creative, in the moment ideas and we even learnt a bit about martial arts after the shoot!

Eran adding this creative touch!

So for our first shoot, it was a great hour or so with lots of laughs, and we even got to hear Jarrod say "that's a wrap people!"

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