27 Sept 2009

So people keep asking me these questions, so I thought I might as well share them here as you might be wondering too:

1) What is this T-shirt stuff all about?
I'm in the process of making my 10th trade. What I have to trade on is 375 Springleap.com T-shirts. I'm trading each T-shirt with 375 people for cash, through Springleap.com.

So to simplify this trade- if you want to trade with me you just need to buy any Springleap.com T-shirt online, and make sure you use the coupon code onematchstick so we can track that you are trading with me.

Then you'll be one of the 375 people I trade with- pop me an email so I know and can add you to my story :)

2) I missed T-shirt Trade Day- is it too late to trade with you?
T-shirt Trade Day- 18th September- was the day I started trading on the 375 T-shirts. It was after the competition to find the official onematchstick T-shirt, and was the day the code (which is onematchstick) to track the trades went live. Now the trading continues until I trade all the T-shirts on.

So no, it's not too late to trade with me. At the time of writing this I have only traded 46 T-shirts, and still have 76 pledges to convert to trades, and that leaves me with 254 T-shirts I still need to trade on. So please trade with me, and soon, so my tenth trade doesn't take forever. I can't wait to see what the next trade will be!

3) Do I have to trade with you for the official onematchstick T-shirt?
No. You can choose ANY of the Springleap.com T-shirts.

4) How do I trade with you for a T-shirt?
Easy Peasy.

How to trade with me by buying your T-shirt(s) and make them count towards my onematchstick trade:

1. If you haven't registered yet on Springleap.com, now's the time to do so.

2. When you are logged in, choose the T-shirts you want. You can choose ANY design.
a. Click on the SHOP button at the top of the page to see the available designs.
b. Or choose the official onematchstick T-shirt in the "being printed" section.

3. When you find the T-shirt you want, click on the size you want (there is a link which explains the sizing and the ladies T-shirts are a lady's cut). Once you click on the size, it gets added to your "shopping cart".

4. When you've finished adding your T-shirts to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon on the top right hand of the screen.

5. Enter in your delivery details, and where it says "if you have a Springleap coupon, enter it here:" you enter the code, which is: onematchstick (all lower case, one word). This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP! Please remember to add the code!

6. Click the confirm and pay button.

7. Check your details, and then you can choose to pay by credit card or EFT.

8. Just follow the prompts and you will have finalised your T-shirt trade with me :)

9. Let me know when you've made your trade via email or sms to 0837302979.

10. It will be great, if you want, to email me a photo of you in your Springleap T-shirt once it's delivered, as I'll be creating a page on my blog of all the fantastic people I am trading with in their Springleap T-shirts.

5) How do I know what size T-shirt to get?
Go dig in your cupboard for your favourite T-shirt. Measure its width and height, and then compare those measurements on the chart on this page to work out your Springleap size.

LADIES- the ladies cut it super nice, so don't worry, you'’ll look fab in your Springleap Tee!

6) Springleap.com doesn't have my size in the T-shirt I want. Now what?
No problem. Let Springleap know what T-shirt and size you want, and when there's enough requests they'll reprint that T-shirt.

So those are the most asked questions. Do you have another one? Let me know, thanks! I hope to trade with you soon!

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