18 Jun 2010

I met Lindsay Grubb a few months ago when I was asked to be a Director of Young Business South Africa - a great organisation which is developing our youth into strong business leaders of tomorrow. (I'm heading up the Entrepreneur Portfolio - awesomeness! Check them out on Facebook and twitter!). Lindsay is our super efficient administrator, and she keeps things running smoothly at YBSA.

She is also a freelance writer and has just started her own blog- it's all about helping you through the hiccups and sharing in the giggles!

Lindsay has offered me baobab balls.

Yes- 30 baobab balls. She did so on Facebook, here's how she made me her offer:

Lindsay's trade offer

Now if you're wondering about what baobab balls are, you weren't the only one! Once I saw a picture though, I got a better idea. For those not sure, baobab's are those wonderful and ancient upside-down trees found in Africa- here's a nice little clip about them.

Baobab balls are actually the seed pods of these magnificent trees, which ladies from a rural community have decorated in black and white geometric patterns. These patterns vary from ball to ball, making for striking ornaments!

And what is also interesting, is this fruit is very nutritious – it has more calcium than cows milk and more Vitamin C than oranges, so is used in porridge, as sweets, to thicken soups, and even fermented into seasoning!

The baobab fruit balls that Lindsay is offering were actually used at the gala opening event for the Cultural Calabash arts festival held in Taung, North West Province in September 2006. This premier rural arts festival is a year-long event that gives a creative outlet to previously disadvantaged artists. It culminates in a major festival in September, at which these Baobab balls were the centre pieces for the evening. Cool hey!?

Baobab Balls

These baobab fruit balls can be used as a beautiful and striking accessory to any home, office or event environment. You can use them, or give away some of them to some of your friends as gifts!

There are approximately 30 of them and Lindsay purchased them from a supplier that attempts to uplift local rural communities by purchasing items from local community initiatives.

Lindsay is asking for just two T-shirts for these Baobab Balls- that means it will cost you just R402 to own them all (they are valued at R800!)
(Remember how Three-way Trades work? If not, check out this page here).

So, if you'd like your very own Baobab Balls, then call me on 083 730 2979 or email me. Ta!

You'll get 30 baobab Balls.
Lindsay will get two T-shirts.
I'll be two more T-shirts closer to finishing my tenth trade!

more Baobab Balls

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