18 Jun 2010

So I got up to mischief this Youth Day...

My accomplice Carol and I headed out with a boot full of spraypaint and a tin of white paint.

We found a spot on the Graffiti wall and this is our latest masterpiece- (by no means a master Graffiti masterpiece, but for two amateurs, I think we did ok. We've still got a lot to learn!)

Telana getting up to mischief
This mischief was about helping me to find 236 more people to trade with. That is how many T-shirts I have left to trade to make this tenth trade a reality, and I could really do with all the support and help I can get to move closer to finishing this trade.

I have quite a few exciting offers waiting for me to explore, but I can only do so once I have finished this tenth trade of the Springleap T-shirts.

So, I'm looking for 236 more fabulous people to trade with me, and have their photo up on this page, with the other 139 people who have already traded with me (you're such stars!) so that I would have traded all 375 T-shirts.

If you saw the graffiti and it lead you to this page, and you don't know what I am talking about, then take a minute to read this 2-pager or watch the "one matchstick, the Movie" movie:
To trade with me, all you need to do is go to Springleap.com and choose ANY T-shirt, and put in the coupon code onematchstick (all lower case, one word) so that we can track that you have traded just R183 of your cash with me for one of my 375 Springleap T-shirts. Springleap is facilitating this trade, and will then courier to your door your T-shirt. Then email me your order number so I can track it too!

It's that easy to be a part.

And if you realllly don't want a T-shirt, then consider one of the many Three-way trades I have been offered.

Any questions? Just leave a comment or sms me on 0837302979 or tweet me @telana.

Cool beans.

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