6 Aug 2010

Fridays seem to be one matchstick days - I somehow end up making a big trade or move on a Friday. Today is one of those Fridays.

I have finally worked out, and have a plan for, how I am going to make the beer offer that I wrote about a while back work. And the few people I have mentioned my plan to smile and say "awesome!"

So here's the plan:

I've accepted my friend Charl's offer of sponsoring two Castle Lager beers per Springleap T-shirt that I trade from this moment on.

What that means is if you trade with me for one of my 246 Springleap T-shirts that I have left to finish my tenth trade, then you will get two Castle Lager Beers for free!

How will you get the Castles? Well, that's been the tricky bit. So what will be happening is that sometime in the next four to six weeks, there will be a BIG get-together, on a weekend, at a soon to be confirmed venue, where you can come along and enjoy your two beers. (And if friends trade with me from Cape town, I will organise a get-together there too to give you your beers.)

And that get-together is going to have an extra twist to it as well! But until I have set it all up, that extra twist is a secret!

So- now is the time to trade with me for one of my T-shirts.

The Castle Lager Offer

How to trade with me:

The easiest way is to trade some of your cash- R183 to be precise- and trade it by purchasing any of the Springleap T-shirts, and using the coupon code onematchstick so that we can track it (detailed instructions here). Contact me too to let me know so I can get you on the 'Castle Lager VIP List'.

OR – If you don't want a T-shirt, but still want soem Castle's, then you can trade some cash for one of the many Three-Way Trade offers I have on the go. You can get:

To summarise then:

Trade with me for one of my Springleap, designer, limited edition T-shirts for R183, including delivery to your door by courier, and you will get to help me finish my tenth trade, be a part of the one matchstick story, AND get two Castle Lagers for free at a funky event coming up soon!

Call me - 07837302979
Skype me - telanas
Tweet me - @telana
Or email me

Just get in touch and let's trade! Yayy!

PS- the fine print:
To take part in this offer you must be over the legal drinking age, and remember- drink responsibly!

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