7 Dec 2010

It started off as a joke. Well, Mark Francis suggested it to me as a joke.

But now maybe he knows me a little better to know that when someone suggests an idea to me, it often leads me to come up with some further idea and… Voila! We have the next three-way trade offer.

Well, two three-way trade offers happened almost simultaneously with Mark.

He was listening to 5FM and heard me chatting about the SWARM with Simon Dingle and Grant Nash. He then got in touch with me and offered me a laptop for a T-shirt (yes- one fully functional laptop- but before you get too excited, that trade has happened already) and then made this joke "I was gonna offer myself as a date… but I guess that is my imagination running wild".

Well my imagination only runs wild! ;)

I thought I would see how daring Mark is and take him up on the offer. And he came through- "Why the hell not? I think that will be fun and not a bad idea to increase my social networking."

So here it is: Mark has offered to take you on a date in exchange for one of my Springleap T-shirts. You get to go out with Mark in exchange for putting up the R219 to give Mark one of my T-shirts, and help me finish my tenth trade.

Mark Francis in Cape Town

And this offer is nothing risqué . This one matchstick project has turned out to be all about people. I would never have got to where I am, and I wont get to my office space, if it weren't for the people I have met who have supported me, and the people I have yet to meet who will help me get to my end goal.

And so Mark is now one of those awesome people who is supporting me and helping me get to my office by offering to meet some new people in a fun way, and in the process help me trade some more T-shirts.

So ladies in Johannesburg, what an awesome opportunity to meet this fabulous guy! Really! I've chatted to him quite a bit and met him today, and besides being so generous, he has a presence and is full of smiles and manners and an interest in life.

Mark is also pretty sporty: he plays cricket, soccer, squash, volleyball, golf, and also enjoys kick boxing and snow boarding. He writes (you can see some of his deep pieces here) and is a romantic, believing in "love and all that jazz" (his words too!). He enjoys travelling, socialising and dancing, and he even has a thing for cooking! He spends his day as a Systems Manager for one of our big banks, and Batman is his favourite superhero because of his car.

So if you are in Johannesburg, and are interested in meeting Mark, give me a call, or pop me an email or inbox me on facebook, even tweet me, and we can finalise the details :)
  • You'll get to meet Mark for just R219
  • Mark will get a new Springleap T-shirt
  • I'll get to have one more T-shirt traded!
So come on, make Mark and my day- CALL ME 0837302979

PS- The laptop Mark offered was a fully functioning second hand one, and Sonja Kruse (aka the Ubuntu Girl) was sitting with me when the mail came through, and jumped at the opportunity! So sooooorrry for youuuuuu! ;)

Solly with Mark

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