10 Dec 2010

Want to end off the year on a positive note for your team?
Or start 2011 with a spash of inspiration and possibility thinking?

How about having the international speaker Sonja Kruse come and give one of her inspirational talks about her year long adventure as the Ubuntu Girl? All it will cost you is R 402 before the talk– the cost of two of my springleap T-shirts- plus giving a short testimonial after the talk!

Sonja has offered me a three-way trade opportunity: one of her hour long talks for just two T-shirts. Yip. She will inspire the audience, and that audience can be anywhere, but this offer excludes travel expenses.

More about Sonja:

Sonja Kruse- International Inspirational Speaker

Sonja Kruse is an extraordinary woman, blessed with a well developed sense of
adventure and enormous faith in humanity. She has recently completed a year long
solo trip around South-Africa on foot and by thumb. She set out with a 33lt
backpack, a camera and a R100 in Oct 2009 with an open heart and an open mind.

Her aim was to follow her dream; to remind South-Africans of the
good things that also happen in this country on a daily basis; to bring to light
the stories of hope and love that is omitted from our newspaper headlines; to
show the other side of the coin.

Without means of supporting herself, she depended on her fellow South-Africans for all her daily needs. She reached her goal through the kindness and hospitality of her fellow South-Africans: Staying with 150 families of 16 different cultures, spanning 114 towns across all 9 provinces.

Sonja is busy writing a book about this Epic adventure, to spread the message of goodwill. Whilst on the journey, Sonja discovered that people are hungry for such messages, as she was approached by several companies, charities, schools organizations etc who requested that she share her experiences. She discovered that by sharing the story of hope and love, others can be inspired as she was. She also realised that the nature of her adventure was so varied, that she could cover a range of topics with ease, engaging the audiences with her warm and witty approach. Invariably allowing them to relax and relate in her company.

Topics covered in talks:

  • Taking the first step: Following the dream
  • South-Africa positive
  • Ubuntu- myth or reality?
  • Creating our own reality
  • Focusing intention (what is it that I'm trying to achieve)
  • Falling in love with Einstein (possibility bar pushing)
  • Return on Investment (mentally, spiritually and emotionally)
  • The power of visualisation (seeing the end result before you
  • Smashing preconceived ideas.
  • FEAR- It's a choice
Audiences to date:
Forum at the COP16 in Mexico, Old Mutual; Department of Correctional Services; Joe Public Advertising Agency; The University of Johannesburg and numerous schools around South-Africa

So CALL ME on 0837302979 to book Sonja for your end of year function, teambuilding event, charity event, seminar or wherever there is a need for some uplifting.

  • You'll get an hour long talk by an International Inspirational Speaker for just R402
  • Sonja, the speaker, will get two Tshirts
  • I'll have traded some more Tshirts

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