17 Apr 2011

During some matchstick madness Sonja Kruse aka the UBUNTU Girl, came up with the idea of running the onematchstick Jokes Competition.

We had quite a few entries, and some of them were:

While lying together in the box, the one matchstick said to another " ... hey skinny, I hold a flame for you..." by Raphael Wyngaardt

What did the onematchstick say to the other?
You also sticking around? by Martijn Vreugde

What did the Onematchstick say to his matchstick boss? "What are you going to do, FIRE ME?!!!! by James Strickland Jr
The winner, chosen by Alon who sponsored the prize of a Springleap T-shirt was Jolandie Rust’s joke:
What did the matchstick boy sing to the matchstick girl on Valentines? .... Come on baby light my fire!
Jolandie has now donated her Springleap T-shirt that she won, and has also given one of her sponsored T-shirts from Gravel Clothing and a cap with her slogan "Dream with your heart" on it. She's going to autograph both the cap and Gravel T-shirt and I bet they will become collectors items when she finishes her adventure and becomes the first woman to cycle around Africa solo!

Telana and Jolandie with her offer to trade

With donating theses T-shirts and the cap, she has suggested that they go to whoever would like them, for the cost of two of my Springleap T-shirts, as a way to help me finish my tenth trade.

So what this means is: if you would like this offer, then
- when you purchase two of my springleap T-shirts,
- you will get another Springleap T-shirt voucher to choose any T-shirt of your choice,
- plus the autographed Gravel T-shirt (ladies, size Large) and a special white cap!

That's four T-shirts and a cap for just R402!

So, if you keen, get in touch and let's trade!

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