11 Apr 2011

I'm on the last stretch- the home run! I have only 92 Springleap T-shirts (at the time of writing) left to trade, and then I'll have finished my tenth trade.

I've done a few things over the last year and a bit to help trade the T-shirts on, including throwing Africa's first SWARM Party, doing three-ways, handing out matchsticks with my blog written on them in the traffic, giving talks to companies, holding joke competitions, and even begging on my knees! (Yes, someone said they would trade if I begged- so I did. #IWillGetToMyOffice!)

Most recently I tried my hand at match-making and we had the onematchstick Bachelor and Bachelorette at an exclusive cocktail party for singles.

Well, the last idea got some attention, and so after receiving a few nudges and chatting to quite a few people, and with some planning done and some more still to do, for my "home run" to help trade the last 93 T-shirts I'll be hosting, together with Serena of Fastdate, another exclusive cocktail party. And at this cocktail party we'll be hosting the onematchstick Gay Bachelor!

I'm finalizing the details, and will be announcing it all as soon as possible!

For now though, I'm continuing with the three-ways, and have a reverse three-way offer to put out there- reverse in that it's a request and I need to find someone with the item requested:

My friend Grant wants to get to London for a holiday, so has suggested that if someone has a flight, or lots of voyager miles, and would like to be "paid" in return with Springleap T-shirts for the flight, he's willing to do the trade through me to help move some more of my T-shirts.

So if you just happen to have a return flight to London lying around your house, and don't have any T-shirts and would like about… say… 35 new T-shirts, then give me a call!


If you have tons of voyager miles and would be willing to swop them for a lot of T-shirts (and you can get vouchers for T-shirts too to give as gifts to friends and family) then get in touch and let's see if we can give you a new wardrobe and put a smile on Grants face. And I'll then have a reverse-three-way to add to my story!

Super fly!

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