22 Mar 2013

So the pause button is off on onematchstick and this trading story is in play mode again, and things are starting to move and happen!  But more on that soon.

For now, I need to take an Architect out for a coffee, or even dinner. And soon!

Remember my strategy of burning the matchstick from both ends? We'll it's working, and I keep getting asked how many square meters of office space I want.

Only thing is I have no concept or experience with "square meters" when it comes to physical space, and so need a bit of guidance or advice. (I'm far more familiar with the inner space of our minds and emotions!)  I have the image in my mind of my ideal onematchstick office, but how to translate that into the amount of actual space I would need, is where I get a bit stuck.

Hence, I'm looking for an architect who would be able to ask me the right questions, and then just give me a sense of how I answer what must be the most asked question that I get from burning the matchstick at both ends: "How much space do you want, Telana?"

So, do you know an architect – or are you the one - who'd enjoy the best red velvet cupcake in Jozi with some coffee sometime really soon?  Or maybe you would prefer one of Jozi's best korma curries and naan?  Whatever your palate desires, I'd so appreciate a bit of your time and expertise.

Please get in touch with me ASAP!
Thank you
From a very motivated and excited 'matchstick girl

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