24 Mar 2014

In my search for the next person I am going to trade for, I've been looking for a man having a mid life crisis, then a lover wanting to propose, and also a possible hostess to throw the party of all parties….

And following that train of thought I was going to start searching for a possible couple getting married… and then a couple found me!

Well, the story goes that Rene asked on Facebook if anyone had any suggestions for a band or DJ, and his fiancĂ© added the detail clarifying that suggestions should please suit a wedding. 

And so I commented:
“I have a private party/rock concert with WONDERboom, followed by DJ JP Silver to keep any party going late into the night, and all up for barter? Shall we talk?

And I heard nothing for a few days, and was delighted when Rene contacted me to discuss my offer. 

We agreed that before we started to talk about a possible trade and move into negotiating the details, we needed to check with Cito of WONDERboom if the band was available on their wedding date.

I contacted Cito, and after he checked his schedule, they are already booked and confirmed for a concert on the wedding day.

O, what disappointment I felt...

What it showed me though, was that there are people out there who are open to trading, and that they might just be willing to trade in relation to their wedding planning!

So, to add to my list of people I am looking for, is a couple planning their wedding.

What a way to make some memories than with WONDERboom live to entertain and celebrate with a couple starting their life together as husband and wife, and celebrating this union with their closest loved ones!

If you are planning a wedding, get in touch if you’d like to explore if the Rock the House/ Wedding is to be a part of your wedding party!

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