4 Mar 2014

Tonight my trading down strategy caught alight!

I met with James, at a great new restaurant called Craft in Parkhurst (where I need to go back to try their milkshakes!)

James and I bounced some ideas around for how I could trade up my WONDERboom Rock the House item- some ideas I’ll be looking more into.  

And then we got on to the world of property, and specifically commercial property and what I am looking for- which is between 100m2 and 200m2 of space – anywhere! But, as I said to James when he asked, if I could choose, office space in my own home town of Jozi would be first prize.

I learnt some more about the costs involved in renting office space, and ways I could structure my final trade for the onematchstick office.  And then- the ultimate grin factor of the evening - we even spoke about a possible building that could be the home of the future onematchstick office! *punches air*

So without saying too much, because this is really still as a very early stage, and there is a lot of effort and negotiating and networking and asking around and being creative that still needs to happen, this opportunity looks very bright!  

The next steps include James doing some number crunching in excel, and me visiting the building sometime soon.

So yes, my strategy of burning the matchstick at both ends looks like it has caught on fire! 
(More on the other side- the trading up side- to come in my next blog post.)

Burning the matchstick at both ends

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