16 Nov 2014

There’s one key in particular that I want to find, and that’s the one that will be for the front door of the one matchstick office.

And then one of the walls inside the office is going to have keys all over it. Yes, lots of keys! Keys to people’s dreams. Keys to open locked up potential. Keys to new places. Keys to old places. Keys that will inspire and challenge and be the leverage points to something far greater. Keys that open.

So, I’m collecting keys! And this is my collection so far- just short of a few to spell out “stick”.

If you have any to contribute to my collection - old ones, rusty ones, shiny ones, big ones, small ones, colourful ones, silver ones, any keys that you don’t need or use anymore- please gather them in a pile. 

Then get in touch and I’ll organise to get them from you, ready for their new spot on the one matchstick office wall!

And if you have that one key that will unlock the future one matchstick office – we need to speak asap!
Call me on 0837302979!

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