20 Jun 2006

I think I made history today. Has anyone ever traded one matchstick before? I wonder! If you know, let me know and I’ll publish the details here. Otherwise, I got to make history with the first trade ever of a matchstick for an ordinary green pen of the ball point variety.

I did the actual exchange this evening at the Piatto – the best Mediterranean restaurant in Jozi by the way- in Cresta, at the INNER Circle Cresta, with Nikki Viljoen. Here's a self portrait of us- that's Nikki with the matchstick, and me with the green pen. See how green it is? click on the pic to see more...

Nikki and I trading

The pen is totally green and it’s a BIC pen, one that you can click to annoy the people around you. And the green ink is a pretty funky hue, just as I imagined!

Nikki’s an ace internal auditor, and networker! Boy did she get the networking going between the decision makers at her meeting. Thanks Nikki for fitting in the trade with me at your meeting! I wonder now if any of those decision makers will think of what they can offer me for my green pen? They might need someone to help with auditing their books, like Nikki, and then the pen will come in real handy! Or maybe they just like writing their notes in a funky green. Anyway, it’s late and I’ll be off to never never land now… so send me an email with your offer for my ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety on onematchstick@gmail.com


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