19 Aug 2009

If you don't ask... the answer is 100% "no!"

If you do ask, the odds go to 50% "no", 50% "yes". I asked, and got more yes's than no's.

When I finalised the trade with Eric and Eran, and learnt more about the cool website Springleap.com, I realised that I needed to find an splendid prize for the T-shirt Challenge. Otherwise there wouldn't be much incentive for peeps out there to design a remarkable Tee and enter.

So I started asking people and even put out a tweet saying I was looking for sponsors. One of the things that keeps me going with this project is the warm response I get from people.

5 people stepped forward and answered my question. 5 awesome people!

Eric and Eran offered me 10 VIP tickets to the Springleap Party- the one they are going to hold once we've finalised our trade and they have the voucher for DJ Al.
And they are also throwing in 3 of the winning T-shirts.

Andy offered R1000 to spend on bidorbuy.co.za, and they have a heap of items to choose from.

Andy of bidorbuy.co.za

Tim and Amor of poken.co.za have also donated a poken.

Poken People- Tim, Eric and Amor

And Craig met me for a drink at Newscafe and threw in the nifty "Disco Vibe" Swatch Watch (Model supb100).

Craig, me and the Swatch

I have also donated a 2 hour breakthrough coaching session, which can be face-to-face or over the phone/skype. After all, if these 5 guys can make contributions to my dream, I'm sure willing to step up too!

So I am delighted to present the prize for the onematchstick T-shirt Challenge. It's a fabulous bundle of things to the value of R5300 and can be enjoyed by anyone in South Africa (and even abroad-you'll just have to come to South Africa for a visit for the party):
  • R1000 to spend on bidorbuy.co.za- Africa's largest online market place
  • A "Disco Vibe" Swatch Watch
  • A poken
  • A 2 hour Breakthrough Coaching session
  • 10 VIP tickets to the Springleap.com Party
  • 3 of the winning T-Shirts

So that's the prize. What are you waiting for? Check out the onematchstick T-Shirt Challenge details here and enter now!

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