19 Nov 2009

So I got another 3-way Trade offer at the Johanneburg Premiere. Haroun has offered the following for some t-shirts- and his offer is just awesome, as he'll be giving away the T-shirts and auctioning one off! Check out his offer:

Hey Telana

This is to confirm that I offer website hosting worth, R1200 at R100
p/m for a full year. This includes installation of a WordPress blog if
the person so decides :)

This is for 7 Springleap.com T-Shirts, 6 of which I'll give out as prizes
and 1 I'll auction to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to
you and Adin, to creatively share.

Haroun Kola

Contact me or Haroun to find out if this is the deal for you!

If you are interested, CALL ME! 083 730 2970 and let's do a Three-Way Trade:
  • You get a website and hosting for a year
  • Haroun gets 7 Tshirts to give away and auction
  • and I get to trade 7 more T-shirts
Get in touch!


2 Responses so far.

  1. Yes, this is me and I'd love to host to your site for a year. And give away the t-shirts you buy in competitions on my site.

    Included in this, which I didn't mention to Telana, is the installation of WordPress, the blogging platform for free. If you want that is :)

    Get in touch k :)

  2. Telana says:

    This offer is great if you need a website or blog set up! Haroun is offering to install Wordpress for free and help set you up, plus the year of hosting for just R1281- that's what it will cost to get the 7 T-shirts to Haroun in this trade. :)

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