22 Dec 2009

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider trading with me for a T-shirt:

  1. T-shirts keep you cool in summer.
  2. Love them or hate them, it's always handy to have a T-shirt in your wardrobe for those ultra casual or cool occasions.
  3. You like to help other people, and buy trading with me you'll be helping me make my tenth trade, which will mean you'll be helping me get to my goal of office space to mentor other entrepreneurs.
  4. T-shirts are fashionable at the gym, on the street, in the taxi, at home, at the shops, at the bar, on the beach.
  5. T-shirts are better than socks for a Christmas present.
  6. You get to have your name and a photo added to the list of people who traded with me- which means you'll be part of my story!
  7. This is probably going to be one of the easiest times and ways to trade with me- you don't need to be too creative on what to offer me, as I'm accepting R183.00, and it's easy to finalise the trade- it all happens online.
  8. You'll be one of only 375 people who will have a funky T-shirt with a cool story behind how you came to be wearing it.
  9. T-shirts go with most other items of clothing- demins, cords, chinos, etc.
  10. The T-shirt is a Springleap.com T-shirt!
Keen to trade with me now? Then please check out the FAQ's on how to trade with me, and get in touch with me and let's make it happen!

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