22 Dec 2009

Three-Way Trades are where people have offered me a service or product for a T-shirt. I am then offering on that service or product to those people who want to trade with me, but don't want a T-shirt, and would like one of the services or products instead. Thus it becomes a three-way trade.

I've done two successful three-way Trades already. In the first Nikki offered me a place on her workshop which I traded with Michelle. Nikki got a T-shirt, Michelle got to attend her workshop to get her business going, and I traded another of my T-shirts.

The second three-Way trade was with Kerrin of Talent Finders. She offered me a package of two listings on her site for a year each, in exchange for a T-shirt. DJ Al said yes, and a few hours later Marcel Oudejans said yes too. Kerrin was generous and accepted both DJ Al and Marcel's offers, so I ended up trading two more T-shirts. Sweeet!

I still have a few more three-Way Trade offers that are available, and I've summarised them below. If you would like to know more about any of these, please contact me on onematchstick@gmail.com or give me a call on 083 730 2979.

--> Four private Pilates Classes in Fourways, Johannesburg for Three T-shirts (R585.00 for 4 classes valued at R720)

--> A years website hosting plus the development of a wordpress website if you need it, for seven T-shirts (R1281.00 – that's R106.75 per month for 12 months for a website!)

--> 60 Jumpstart Books for one T-shirt – For this I have the charity the Bookshelf Project that is interested in getting these books of no one else wants them- they are just asking for someone to donate the R183.00.

--> 'Dancing Girl' by Tuesday Houston Dancing Girl limited edition print by artist Tuesday Houston for two T-shirts (R402 for artwork valued at R900)

'Hula' by Tuesday HoustonHula limited edition print by artist Tuesday Houston for two T-shirts (R402 for artwork valued at R900)

OR Both Dancing Girl and Hula prints for three T-shirts (R585.00 for artwork valued at R1800.00)

--> One Payroll Workshop in audio and workbook format for one T-shirt (R219.00 valued at R399.99)

-> Four Coaching Sessions for one T-shirt (R183.00)

I hope to be trading with you soon!

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