4 Sept 2010

Every year I work towards learning a new skill or hobby. This year I've undertaken two- I've started to learn the Argentinean Tango, and to rock climb. And I am thoroughly enjoying both!

I joined the Mountain Club of South Africa to get into rock climbing, and at my first meet to learn the basics, I met Grant Rens who is my instructor.

Grant and Telana after a morning of rock climbing!

Grant has since offered me a rock climbing lesson to trade on for two of my Springleap T-shirts.

So anyone want to start rock climbing, or perhaps improve their technique? Here's more info on what Grant is offering:

Want to climb? Indoors & Rock?
Want to know what you are doing?
Learn to climb safely from a Qualified Instructor.

From Basics to Advanced
We teach you what you need to know to climb safely!

Explanation of Services:

EGO offers a variety of courses with the objective of teaching the learner to rock climb from being a beginner right through to an advanced level. The core to this lies in individual instruction for the student (& their climbing partner if they have one), with the objective being one of a comprehensive understanding as to the basics necessary for safe climbing. The curriculum is comprehensive, emphasising core competencies, whilst giving the beginner a broad based understanding as to the sport & all its intricacies & foibles. The instruction is paced according to the learner’s progress & tailor-made to suit the individual.

Our objective is a climber who understands & knows what they need to know to climb safely & responsibly, to the end that they enhance the climbing experience of those around them by their safe & knowledgeable approach to the sport.

Basic Breakdown of the lessons available:

ROCK CLIMBING INTRODUCTION (usually 2 to 3 lessons)

This covers all the basic requirements to climb safely in a climbing gym or a supervised environment outdoors. You will learn all about the most important pieces of equipment, their function & how to use them safely. You will also learn how to tie into a rope & how to belay (the friction method used to control a rope). At this level your climbing will be very low risk, due to the "top rope" method used & once you have completed this series you will be confident in your climbing & trust of the roped environment.

SPORT CLIMBING (usually 2 to 3 lessons)

Sport Climbing is the next logical step & here one learns all about climbing in a "bolted" climbing environment. The safety afforded by anchors bolted into the rock enables one to learn the art of lead climbing in a safe & secure environment. In this course we also deal with anchors & cleaning a sport climb, following on to multi pitch climbs & the management of stances. Abseiling is also dealt with at this level.

TRADITIONAL (FREE) CLIMBING (usually 2 to 3 lessons)

Trad Climbing is all about the adventure of climbing where you want & following in the footsteps of those who have gone before. Here one learns the art of placing your own anchors, leading on placed gear, creating stances & finding your route up a cliff according to a route guide. This apprenticeship is not for the faint hearted but yields the true spirit of "seat of your pants" adventure. Here a major emphasis is placed on climbing safely & capably in the Vertical environment.

All these courses should leave one with the assurance that you know what you are doing & can enjoy this thrilling sport in a safe & knowledgeable manner.

Rock Climbing

This is what Grant does at EGO – Extreme Guided Outings.

So are you keen?

If you would like one lesson at any level of sport and traditional rock climbing, as outlined above, then contact me! The nice thing is, thanks to Charl, you will also get a castle lager beer, and Grant will also get one (in three-ways you get to share the two Castles!)

So, to summarise:

  • You'll get the lesson with Grant and a Castle, and it will cost you just R402
  • Grant will get 2 Tshirts and a Castle
  • I'll be two T-shirts closer to finishing my tenth trade.
So CALL ME 083 730 2979 or email me asap to take up this offer!

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