25 Oct 2010

The SWARM is getting closer, and so far we have 103 people RSVP'd as a definite YES to attend via Facebook , with 231 maybes (mmm, wonder what it's going to take to convert those maybe's to definite's!?) and on meetup another 7 yes's and 2 maybe's.

That makes it 110 definate's! YAYY!!

And so we are 140 people away from setting a record for the African Continent of being the first to unlock the Super Swarm Badge on foursquare.com on 20 November at the Bluesroom.

Maybe if those maybe's were to listen to this sneak preview of one of the four bands, being "Book of Thieves", they might be converted to definate's? What do you think?

"Book of Thieves" consists of brothers Kyle and Ryan Engelsman (who've recently had birthdays: Happy Birthday guys!) and friends Jonathan Eva, Gareth Bertolani and Carl Seytler from the East Rand. They are a contemporary alternative band with a blend that appeals to a broad market. And they have a distinctly diverse sound that every time I've heard them, I cant help but tap a foot or my fingers or jive around! With influences from progressive 70's rock, reggae, blues and country, there is no doubt in my mind that the "Book of Thieves" will be taking us on an easy listening but refreshing journey as we SWARM on the 20th November.

"Book of Thieves" formed in December last year, and have just recorded their debut album which will be released soon. They're even planning their first overseas tour to Australia! Having had the privilege to have spent some time with the band, I have to agree with the music journalist Shawn Greyling that their album "will be blowing away the local radio scene soon and taking over the country with great hurricane effect"!

Book of Thieves

So join me at the party of the year and get to enjoy "Book of Thieves" live! After all, how can you not be intrigued to hear these 5 guys live when Greyling describes them as:

"... a romantically divine comedy of brilliant sound. The conversation between the vocals and musical instruments form a choir of sound that can outstand, outwit and outlast any international act that has been brought to the table." --Shawn Greyling – music journalist, 2010

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