1 Oct 2010

Plenty of Three-Way Trades still on the go and up for grabs!

So here's a summary of how it works and how you can trade with me in a Three-Way.

What's a Three-Way Trade?

Three-Ways involve three people:

1. Person One offers me an item or service in exchange for one or more of my T-shirts- they want to be "paid" for the item/service in the currency of Springleap T-shirts

2. Person Two wants the item or service and doesn't want a T-shirt, so puts up the cash to trade with me for the item/service. The cash is used to trade for the T-shirt/s so Person One gets the T-shirts.

3. Person Three is me – the one with all the T-shirts to trade.

So, if you want to be a part of one matchstick and help me get to my goal of office space for start up entrepreneurs, but don't want a T-shirt, and don't know what you would have to trade with me- here is an easy option: trade some of your cash for one of these items listed below.

SUMMARY OF Three Way Trades on offer:

So if you are interested in any of these offers- CALL ME on 0837302979 and lets do a Three-Way Trade!

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