8 May 2011

Did you see my friends (Steve, Sonja and Jody) and I handing out matchsticks on Monday morning in Fourways, on William Nicole?

Why were we doing this?

Because I am trying to turn a matchstick into offices (read the full story and explanation here, or watch the short movie about it here). I will be using the offices for startup entrepreneurs to help them.

And right now, for my next step, I need to find 87 more people who will help me.

Matchstick Mania Monday

I am on my tenth trade which involves 375 Springleap T-shirts, and I have sold 288 already. I just need to find 87 more people to trade with. 87 people – who I know are out there somewhere – who will buy one of the remaining 87 funky, designer, limited edition T-shirts.

So are you one of those 87 people?

If so, all you need to do is buy your T-shirt online through Springleap.com, using the code onematchstick (so that we can track it) and email me your order number.

Here is how to trade with me by buying your T-shirt(s) and make them count towards my onematchstick trade:

1. If you haven't registered yet on www.Springleap.com, now's the time to do so.

2. When you are logged in, choose the T-shirts you want. You can choose ANY design. You can even choose a Gift Voucher (and use it in a few weeks when there are new designs to choose from, if you cant find a design you like now.)
Click on the SHOP button at the top of the page to see the available designs.

3. When you find the T-shirt you want, click on the size you want (there is a link which explains the sizing and the ladies T-shirts are a lady's cut). Once you click on the size, it gets added to your "shopping cart".

4. When you've finished adding your T-shirts to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon on the top right hand of the screen.

5. Enter in your delivery details, and where it says "if you have a Springleap coupon, enter it here:" you enter the code, which is: onematchstick (all lower case, one word). This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP! Please remember to add the code! This is how Springleap tracks that it is a trade with me, and it costs you nothing.

6. Choose your delivery options, then click the "confirm and pay" button.

7. Check your details, and then you can choose to pay by EFT or by credit card.

8. Just follow the prompts and you will have finalised trading with me, and your T-shirt will be delivered to your door by courier in about 3 days.

9. Email me your order number so I can add it to my list of trades, and thank you.

And there are other ways you can get involved too to help me.


1. Change your profile picture on Facebook to a matchstick on Monday, and let your friends know why, and direct them to onematchstick.co.za. There are some pictures to use here.

2. Be one of the 87 people I still need to meet even if you don't want a T-shirt. To still support me, consider one of these 3-way trades where you get a product or service (ranging from diamonds to pilates classes) instead of a T-shirt.

3. If you are gay and single, attend the Exclusive Gay Singles Party for enter the onematchstick Gay Bachelor. Join the event on Facebook here.

4. Join the onematchstick page on facebook.

It's time now that I finish this T-shirt trade. And I will. I just need to keep finding ways to reach those last 87 people. Can you help me please?

THANK YOU so much!

Aka 'matchstick girl

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