19 Apr 2011

Ok, so a while ago we came up with the fab idea of running "The Bachelor, onematchstick Edition" to help me trade my last T-shirts. That grew into the onematchstick Bachelor, Ian and the Bachelorette, Laura which was held at an Exclusive Cocktail Party for Singles in March!

After some nudges from others, I've tweaked the idea even further, and now I am looking for another Bachelor!

So… applications are now open to find the onematchstick Gay Bachelor.

The onematchstick Gay Bachelor

If you meet these criteria, send in your application:
  • You are single, male, gay and in Johannesburg
  • You are looking for love
  • You are comfortable being talked about online and being in a youtube video or two
  • You are available to, and will attend the Exclusive Gay Singles Party on Saturday 28th May at the Meat Co, Melrose Arch
  • You are willing to mingle with the other guests, and choose out of those who participate your top 5 guys to go on dates with
  • You are willing to go on those dates, and then choose a winner to take on a winning date of your choice, at your cost
Applications close by midday Monday 16 May Monday 23 May 2011 (we extended the deadline).

Once we have our Gay Bachelor, I'll be sharing information about him with the world. Then the guys that would like a date with the onematchstick Gay Bachelor, will be attending the Exclusive Gay Singles Party on Saturday 28th May at The Meat Co in Melrose Arch.

We'll be throwing the Singles Party for some mingling to take place, helped by some fun FastDate sessions too, and then the Gay Bachelor will choose who - out of all those who bought one of my T-shirts to come meet him at the party - will then get to go on a date with him.

So: who wants to apply to be the onematchstick Gay Bachelor? You never know, besides having some fun and making some new friends, you just might find love...

To apply:
Tell Serina of FastDate and I, in just a few paragraphs, why you should be chosen as the onematchstick Gay Bachelor, and send your applications with a photo to onematchstick@gmail.com or facebook me.

Remember, applications close at midday on Monday 16 May Monday 23 May! Good luck!

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