31 Jan 2012

These offers on this page were made in 2012, and then I had to put onematchstick on hold- for a long while- so these offers have expired.

Now that I have relaunched onematchstick in November 2013, there is a new list of CURRENT offers for this item on this page.

********** (expired) OFFERS FOR "Rock the House" with WONDERboom**********

Hi Telana

Let me know what you think:

I would like to make an offer to trade against the Wonderboom ‘Rock the House’ concert.

The Orlando Towers Bunjee Jump in Soweto is an icon on the South African landscape and also represents an integral part of the tourism infrastructure of the area. The Orlando Towers Bunjee is the only Bunjee and SCAD jump in the world where people can throw themselves from the edge of a cooling tower, or free-fall through the middle of a cooling tower. By trading with us, not only is there the basis of a great trade, but, the concert also offers to contribute to an awareness of the Orlando Towers Bunjee experience and the benefit that this represents to jobs and also the benefit of tourism to the area. The Towers also represent a fantastic backdrop to a small concert and a very unique experience.

As such as a trade for the Wonderboom ‘Rock the House Concert’ we  would like to offer 50 free SCAD jumps with Videos.

However, THIS IS NOT ALL, Infinity Learning, an organisation that offers Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development Solutions to corporates as part of BEE and transformation in this country would like to offer in conjunction with the Orlando Towers Bunjee Experience, 10 entrepreneurs the opportunity of participating in our Enterprise Development programme which includes a two-day, world recognised business simulation programme and the choice of attending all or some of eight one-day business training sessions.   

But, THIS IS STILL NOT ALL,  Infinity Learning would also like to offer 15 students the opportunity of attending a one-day learning-skills workshop. Learning how to learn is similar to learning to play sport. In sport, the greater your skills, the better your game; in learning, the greater your skills, the better your results, and although it is a widely accepted norm that sporting teams and individuals at all levels require coaches, very little emphasis is placed on the skills that are required for learning.

But, THIS IS STILL NOT ALL,  recently I passed a major milestone in life, and have not really had a huge party to celebrate. In line with the intention of the ‘Rock the House’ concert intention, I would like to have a party, and taking into consideration that my uncle who unfortunately passed away recently conceptualised and help to build the bunjee bridge, the Towers are like a ‘home’ to me and the team at the bunjee are like an extended family.

But, THIS IS STILL NOT ALL, Although this is not a commercial concert and we are not wanting to charge an entrance fee, those people that do attend will have the option to contribute to a literacy project that Infinity Learning runs called the ‘The Bookshelf Project’ which aims to drive a love of reading in communities and schools that would otherwise have little or no access to books. As part of the concert, all guests will also be entitled to nominate either a school or a community centre that will benefit from one of the bookshelves that the Bookshelf Project will donate in the new year. Each nomination will be assessed based on the needs of the nominee, the requirements of the BEE codes. A panel that can be formed by anybody interested in being involved will be party to deciding which organisation will be the beneficiary.

Chris Dykes

Hi Telana,

I will take you on HOT date to get Wonderboom to party at my house

Kind Regards

Here are a few things I can trade:
- Signed BAR-ONE cap signed by Clint De Beer - the winner of The BAR-ONE Manhunt season1
- A nice braai here at mine & my partners house in Emmarentia
- a tour of The Open Window School of Visual Communication's campus ( where I work )
From Brian

Live Entertainment music promotions, Yea! and 16 Boxes offer Telana the opportunity to have a onematchstick concert by using WONDERboom with other bands we've lined up. We will give you naming rights in exchange for WONDERboom, so to sponsor the naming rights as the trade. With 1000 to 2000 people attending and exposure to over 100 000 people through marketing the event.
From JonT


I have a reasonably big house that could fit about 300 people in the garden. I was wondering if you would be prepared to have the Wonderboom concert at my house but instead of one big trade in order to get tickets people would have to pay R200 or trade with us something that has a greater value than R200, for example an offer for a massage or computer services etc.

If we get 300 people there is a possibility of income of R60 000 obviously with a few expenses. I know it isn't exactly what you are after in terms of onematchstick but the media exposure and the possibly publicity after the event maybe just what you need to complete your final trade.

I can advertise it to try and get more people. As well as on Facebook and I am sure some community newspapers would love the opportunity to write an article about this.

I was thinking of doing this on the weekend of the 24/25th November 2012.

Let me know what you think about this idea, we can discuss it further tomorrow.


PS: I am probably going through a quarter life crisis at the moment. Not sure if that counts. :-)


I've got a new idea for the Wonderboom Rock Concert.

We are purchasing a one bed roomed property in Fourways just a few hundred meters from Monte Casino. I was wondering if I leased out the unit (as in a trade) for a period of three months to onematchstick you would consider having the Wonderboom concert at my house. It is a really nice and classy unit.

You then have the possibility of trading the unit to a company who would put one of their staff members in and you can then trade something up to get closer to your goal.

I would of course need to get permission from my family to do this but if you say yes then we can discuss the finer details on Saturday, and ask my family.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

All the best.



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