13 Jan 2012

Wow! It's the New Year already and I haven't written a post since finishing the Epic T-shirt Trade in September last year.

Good reason for that though.

I burnt out. Like this matchstick.

A burnt out onematchstick

Well, that is how I felt.

It had been a year of studying full time at Raizcorp, working full time on and in Inner Coaching, starting my own online TV Show Let's Talk Possibility, becoming a director of YBSA, helping to develop the MCF's supervision programme, only wearing T-shirts (that wardrobe restriction did cause a level of stress for even the tom-boy in me!), and creatively engaging all my gears to finish trading the springleap T-shirts.

So yeah, I was pretty tired.

Rest is good. Time contemplating is useful. Re-connecting with my purpose and my reasons for turning a matchstick into an office ignited something again. Throw in a couple of transformational coaching sessions too, and time with my family in Cape Town, and voila- I've found my mojo again.

I'm back. I'm ready.

With also many calls and meetings and emails and options explored over the last few months, and becoming a full page spread in the Brainstorm Magazine, I've now made some decisions. And that will lead to an announcement of my next step.

So, just a little more patience please. You'll know soon enough what the 375 Springleap T-shirts have turned into, that you can then make me offers on, in order to help me get to the offices. And help those entrepreneurs we need to create more jobs. Yeah!

Till then, rock on!

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