27 Nov 2013

The pause button is off!

Yip.  As of this moment, onematchstick is no longer on hold.

Great news hey!?  I am so excited to be on track again.

I had to tie up some loose ends from my previous trade, which took a long while.  And then I had a plan to re-launch with a bang, with some help.  Sometimes though, those we rely on are not able to come through in the way we had all hoped.  No hard feelings, it’s just life.

So instead of waiting some more and relaunching with a bang, I've decided to go ahead with a tcccck-pfffsssssss instead. That’s this sound.  The sound of a matchstick being lit! 

And if you’re wondering what that eerie tinkling tune in the background to my tcccck-pfffsssssss clip is, it’s the soundtrack to onematchstick, the movie!  So take a peek at it to remind you of all my trades up to my previous one (if you’re in a hurry then check out the very short trailer here.)

After that recap, today I have on offer my eleventh item, the awesome “Rock the House” private houseparty for up to 200 people with the band WONDERboom.

So if you want this experience, then make me an offer now! onematchstick@gmail.com or 0837302979

Let’s PLAY onematchstick!

(Image courtesy of ponsuwan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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