2 Sep 2010

It's SpRiNg Time!

So why not leap into spring with one of my Springleap T-shirts!

Jumping for flowers!

Trade with me and get an awesome funky T-shirt just in time for wonderful spring time!
And you'll get TWO Castle Lager Beers for free!
And you'll be helping me get closer to my goal of offices to help start up entrepreneurs!

So spring leap into action and trade with me!

All you need to do to trade with me is buy your T-shirt(s) through Springleap.com and make them count towards my one matchstick trade by using the code onematchstick.

Details on how to trade are:
1. If you haven't registered yet on Springleap.com, now's the time to do so.
2. When you are logged in, choose the T-shirts you want. You can choose ANY design. Just Click on the SHOP button at the top of the page to see the available designs.
3. When you find the T-shirt you want, click on the size you want (there is a link which explains the sizing and the ladies T-shirts are a lady's cut). Once you click on the size, it gets added to your "shopping cart".
4. When you've finished adding your T-shirts to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon on the top right hand of the screen.
5. Enter in your delivery details, and where it says "if you have a Springleap coupon, enter it here:" you enter the code, which is: onematchstick (all lower case, one word). This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP! Please remember to add the code so we can track your trade with me!
6. Click the confirm and pay button.
7. Check your details, and then you can choose to pay by credit card or EFT.
8. Just follow the prompts and you will have finalised your T-shirt trade with me :)
9. Let me know when you've made your trade and what the order number is via email or sms to 0837302979.

Thank you! And..

Happy Spring Time!

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