27 Oct 2010

Jolandie and I got up to some mischief on the weekend. Serious mischief ;)

And our mischief making has got some international attention.

YES- I am that serious about this SWARM party and setting the record of being the first to unlock the Foursquare Super SWARM Badge on the African continent. And trade all my Springleap T-shirts in the process.

So if you ever doubted that we would pull this off, I hope this mischief making dissolves those doubts. ;)

Swarm Party graffiti

My fellow Mischief Makers were Mongezi and Jolandie. Jolandie Rust graffiti'd about her upcoming "Stuck on a Bike" event to raise the funds she needs to become the first woman to circumnavigate the African Continent on a bicylcle and solo.

Yip. Solo- no support vehicles.

And yip. On a bike- pedal power!

Her event is starting on the 5th November at the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre in Cape Town, where she will be literally on a bike for 48 hours to raise awareness and funds for three different causes. You can support her by popping by during the 48 hours (and especially between midnight and 4:00 in the morning- she will realllllly appreciate the company ;) and making a donation of R100. You'll get 2 CD’s by the awesome SA musician and motivational speaker - Verity Price.

And even if you are not in Cape Town, you can support Jolandi by still making a donation. Check out the info on her blog or the facebook event 'Stuck on a Bike'!

Jolandie with her finished piece of wall

So... se-reee-oooss-lyyyyy!

Jolandie and I are THAT serious about reaching our dreams and goals, that we would not only sit on a bike for 48 hours, but would also spend our Sunday graffiti'ing about our events.

So who's serious enough to support us and join in the fun? Give me a call 0837302979 or email.

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