13 Aug 2006

What exactly are you doing, Telana? How does it work?
This seems to be the number one question right now. So let me try explain….

I am trading one matchstick up for offices. How it works is I started with a matchstick that I had lying around at home, waiting for me to light one of my many candles (yes, I like candle light).

So Nikki offered me a pen for my matchstick, so I traded with her.

Then I swapped the pen with Megan for her fluffy frog (who is called Rodrigus, and he likes to travel -you can see his adventures here).

Then Retha offered to look after Rodrigus and in exchange she gave me 2 books.

Nick then traded 2 cases of his First Sighting Wine with me for the 2 books. And so it went...

So you can see, each time I trade, I am aiming to trade up in value and will keep trading up until my last trade will be with whatever I have at that time, with some fun-loving person for offices.

Read this 2 pager for more of an explanation
Or watch this movie of my story up to the big Tshirt trade!

How do I barter or trade with you?

I explain more about this on this page, which has a short clip of a chat I had with the No Money Guy about his tips on how to barter. Does that help?

The best way is to get in touch with me and we can talk about what you have to offer, to work out a trade.

Why did you start with a matchstick?
Because I had one lying around waiting to light a candle (I kind of have a thing for candles ;) !
Also I chose a matchstick because of it's potential- when you strike a match it has the potential to light a candle, or a bonfire- it's all about choice.

What kind of office are you looking for?

I have a vague idea, but want to wait and see what I am offered. I have a feeling that when the time comes, the right office space will be offered. So let's wait and see...

If you have any questions, post them here as a comment or email me on onematchstick@gmail.com.

Cool beans!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You copycat! This is just like the Kyle Macdonald and is 'one red paperclip' (http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/)

    I'll give you a toothbruch for your R3,000 cash.

  2. Steve Be says:

    Inspired by Kyle I'm sure. Which is not a bad thing. The alternative way has been sparked, so lets see how many more see the light. A most interesting experiment which I'm sure will produce some interesting results - no matter who attempts it. That must be one heck of a toothbruch ;-))

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