20 Feb 2010

This must be the longest Prize Giving ever!

Steven Tu won the one matchstick T-shirt Challenge last year, and over the last few months we've been meeting up to give him his prizes.

He won this Swatch Watch donated by my late friend and mentor, Craig, which I gave to Tu when we first met up at a Mugg & Bean last year.

He also won R1000 to spend on bidorbuy.co.za, which Andy gave to him at the Johannesburg Premiere of the one matchstick Movie and Tu has had fun spending it already!

Steven, Telana and Andy of bidorbuy.co.za

Tim of Poken.co.za gave him his Poken, at a tweetup we had recently in Bryanston.

Tim of Poken, Steven Tu with his new Poken and Telana

And he won 3 of his Mission: Not Impossible T-shirts from Springleap.com and a coaching voucher from me.

His Prize Giving hasn't ended yet, though. He's still gets 10 VIP tickets to the Springleap Party- which Springleap will be throwing when I finish trading all the T-shirts.

I've so enjoyed getting to know Tu over all these get-togethers. He's witty, fun-loving, warm and the kind of guy who gets excited about things. Like this bag: he's really, really, REALLY excited about this bag. He's been known to say: "Better to be excited about nothing than have nothing excite you." And I can't help but agree, Tu!

I reckon too that if there would be a person first in line to receive more "time" if someone ever invented a way to give us more hours in a day, it would be Tu. If he's not socialising, working, designing a new T-shirt, travelling, blogging or twittering, he's kickboxing! The only way he managed to finish the design for the Mission: Not Impossible T-shirt was to stay up till the wee hours of the morning.

Which I am so glad he did. Because it's an awesome design. Tu said the last time we met that there are some designs that you just can't imagine on a poster, or billboard, or in a magazine. They only seem to fit on a T-shirt. And that's where he puts them. Check out some of his other designs here, and if you like his latest one on Springleap.com - go vote for it!

Congratulations once again Tu for designing the official one matchstick T-shirt: Mission: Not Impossible, and thank you all your continued support for my project. You rock!

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