26 May 2010

I've got so many Three-Way Trades on the go, even I am battling to keep track.

So here's a summary of how it works and how you can trade with me in a Three-Way.

What's a Three-Way Trade?
Three-Ways involve three people:
1. Person One offers me an item or service in exchange for one or more of my T-shirts- they want to be "paid" for the item/service in the currency of Springleap T-shirts
2. Person Two wants the item or service and doesn't want a T-shirt, so puts up the cash to trade with me for the item/service. The cash is used to trade for the T-shirt/s so Person One gets the T-shirts.
3. Person Three is me – the one with all the T-shirts to trade.

So, if you want to be a part of one matchstick and help me get to my goal of office space for start up entrepreneurs, but don't want to trade cash with me for a T-shirt, then make me an offer of an item or service that you have.

If you don't want a T-shirt, but do want to support one matchstick, and don't know what you would have to trade with me- here is an easy option: trade some of your cash for one of these items listed below.

A copy of Rembrandt's self portrait- oil painting – R366

A men's medium limited edition Cycling sleeveless top – R183

A Hypnosis session in Cape Town to stop smoking – save 25% for only R549

A one hour Hypnosis session in Cape Town for weight loss, breaking habits, overcoming phobias, improving performance in personal and business life – save 45% for only R183

A diamond - 0.297 Carat with certificate valued at R1200, for only R915.00

A 360 degree photograph of your venue/ B&B/ hotel/ restaurant etc for R183

The writing services of a Reporter and Freelance Writer, Abed, for R183

Artwork - Dancing Girl OR Hula limited edition prints by artist Tuesday Houston valued at R900 each for only R366 each, or both for only R549

One Payroll Workshop in audio and workbook format valued at R399.99, for only R183.00

4 Private Pilates Classes with David in Fourways, Johannesburg valued at R720 – for only R549

A years website hosting plus the development of a wordpress website if you need it, for just R1281.00 – that's R106.75 per month for 12 months for a website!

The successful Three-Way trades that have happened already were for:

  • 4 personal Life Coaching sessions with Shamillah that Gen took
  • Two sets of 4 Pilates classes with David that Penny and then Sharmaine took
  • 60 Jumpstart Handbooks that anonymous Angel paid to have donated to the Bookshelf Project
  • 2 listings on Talentfinders.com by Kerrin, which DJ Al and magician Marcel Oudejans traded for
  • A place at Nikki's Small Business Startup Workshop that Michelle took
So- if you want any of the above, awesome, available three-way trade offers, get in touch with me via my cell 0837302979 or email onematchstick@gmail.com!

Cool beans. Let's trade!

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  1. Telana says:

    And here is another new 3-way trade offer: 30 Baobab Balls!

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