21 Jan 2011

I have a whole lot of cases of Castle Lagers sitting in my cupboard. Yes, lots of beers. Which if you know me well, is rather unusual… or not?!

The left over Castle beers

And with those beers are all my lovely dresses that I haven't been able to wear this summer so far, because on the 27 August last year, I pledged to only wear Springleap T-shirts until I trade all 375 of them on with 375 people.

So I've worn T-shirts everywhere, from boardroom meetings to tango dancing, from client sessions to book launches, from rock climbing to networking events. Soon I'll even be wearing a T-shirt to a formal wedding (unless I finish trading all the T-shirts before next Saturday)!

Back to the beers though- You may recall my friend Charl offered to sponsor two beers with each T-shirt to help me trade on the T-shirts, which lead to the SWARM Party idea.

Well, as you can see I still have lots of Castles left over to go with the T-shirts I still have to trade. I have also set the self-imposed deadline of finishing trading all these T-shirts by the end of February 2011, and as it turns out, even the code to track my trades through Springleap expires on that date!

The count-down has begun, and I'll be counting down (rather than up!) the number of T-shirts left to go, to reach the total of 375.

Now that you know the admin and background details, and that your deadline to trade with me is the end of February 2011, you better keep in touch and take note. I've got a few exciting things coming up, including "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" – onematchstick Editions (news of that later!).

I've also come up with a fun idea with the 2 beers per T-shirt and it's going to go like this:

If you trade with me for one of my T-shirts, you get two Castle Beers for free with each T-shirt (Thanks to Charl of SAB!). Now you can decide to either keep the beers, or to donate them on to the next T-shirt, thereby increasing the number of beers with the next T-shirt and making the incentive greater for the next trader. That next person can decided to either keep all the beers or some of the beers (i.e. to stash them), or donate them on (i.e. to stack them), and so it goes.

Since coming up with this idea, I had 161 T-shirts left to trade. Jonty traded with me for T-shirt 161, and he donated his 2 beers on. Dion traded with me for T-shirt 160, and decided to not keep the 4 beers, but donate them on too. So T-shirt 159 had 6 beers with it, and one of Adin's 3-way trade offers was taken up by Jelena resulting in Adin taking T-shirt 159. He decided to donate on this 6 beers as well.

We are now on T-shirt number 158 with 8 beers for free, and the next person who trades with me will have to decide if they want to stash all 8 beers (or just a few) or if they will stack on the beers to T-shirt 157.

So- who is going to be trading with me for T-shirt number 158 and get 8 Castle Lagers?

To make it more exciting, I will be allocating the beers as per who stashed or stacked them, to the relevant T-shirt number by using the consecutive Springleap order numbers. So you might think that you will be getting T-shirt 158 with me, but will only know if you are the next trader or if someone else beat you to it, by sending me your Springleap Order number, so I can work out who is next in line.

You know you want to!

  • You can find the details of how to trade with me on this page.
  • The number of beers allocated per T-shirt will be determined by the Springleap Order numbers, and will be confirmed with you as soon as I receive your Springleap Order number.
  • You get to decide if you want to stash or stack the beers!
Who's it going to be? Who's going to be T-shirt Trader number 158 and get the allocated 8 beers that have been stacked onto that T-shirt? And what are you going to do with the beers: stash or stack them?

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