17 Jan 2011

... and you do still want to be a part of one matchstick and support me….

then maybe you'd like one of these items or services instead:

These are items or services that fab people have offered me for which they are willing to be "paid' in Springleap T-shirts. All we need is you to put up the cash for the item or service, and then we have a 3-way Trade!

How Three Way Trades work:
  • An item or service is offered to me, for one or more of my T-shirts.
  • You then decide you want that item or service,
  • and then pay for the relevant number of T-shirts
  • which are sent to the person who offered the item or service.
  • The person then delivers the item or service to you.
    • Simple!

      All you need to do is CALL me on 083 730 2979 if you want one of the above items and then you will be helping me get to my offices, to help start up entrepreneurs.

      And there are beers involved too – but that's coming up in the next post.

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