No, I don't do temporary tattoos

But I do know who does.

Remember this (three-way) trade involving Henna Tattoos that I did ages ago, as part of the big 375 T-shirts trade?

Well, it's amazing that out of all the trades that I have done to date, this one has had the biggest echo, if I can call it that.

It has led to me getting phoned and asked if I do temporary tattoo's quite regularly.  

I just had such a call right now, where the lady was looking to partner with someone to do temporary tattoos for a big event.

(And now I'll probably get even more calls after writing this post *dooh!*)

The person I keep referring all these inquiries to is Nikita, as she can do some pretty amazing stuff with Mehndhi.  And I did trade with her for the tattoo party.

It just amazes me how people keep finding me and strike up the conversation as if I am in the tattoo business. #newcareercallingperhaps?

These are a few of the tattoo's that were done
at the onematchstick Henna Tattoo party.
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Gatecrashing with WONDERboom

Going up the lifts to the theatre, with the bell ringing to let us know that the show was about to start, I bumped into Wade and Martin of WONDERboom.   Not too surprising that they were there as well to see Queen at the Ballet, as their lead singer, Cito was in the show, (which was a wonderful show – so if you missed it, you missed out!)

I caught up a bit with them and kinda invited myself to gatecrash their next practice session.

And so I did.

Last night I got to hang out with the guys and meet their new drummer, Jonathan Bell aka Jono, as they worked on their set for their upcoming gigs.

I arrived as they just started a tune, that I learnt was Waterfall by one of their favourite bands, The Stone Roses.  (Yeah, I know- where have I been that I hadn’t come across The Stone Roses till now!). 

The room they were practicing in was pretty sound proof, as I could hear them from inside, like a radio had been left on.  But it was nothing like being inside, with all the electric guitars and speakers and drum set full blast!

They went through some of their set, and spent quite a bit of time on Waterfall as they’ll be doing it as a cover at Splashy Fen this weekend.  I feel like I know Waterfall really well now, noticing which guitar played which bits and when, and how all the band members worked together to produce such foot tapping, soul bouncing tunes!

And I couldn't help but smile at the improv bits in between.  It was all a great example of how practice makes perfect, and hard work pays off!

Now if you trade with me, you’d also get to have a rock concert of your own, in your own backyard, with WONDERboom.  And you’re going to have to invite the neighbours, as there will be no soundproofing of the tunes then!

Thanks WONDERboom for letting me gate crash your practice session!  I had such fun :) 

Calling all Wedding Planners!

In my search for the next person I am going to trade for, I've been looking for a man having a mid life crisis, then a lover wanting to propose, and also a possible hostess to throw the party of all parties….

And following that train of thought I was going to start searching for a possible couple getting married… and then a couple found me!

Well, the story goes that Rene asked on Facebook if anyone had any suggestions for a band or DJ, and his fiancé added the detail clarifying that suggestions should please suit a wedding. 

And so I commented:
“I have a private party/rock concert with WONDERboom, followed by DJ JP Silver to keep any party going late into the night, and all up for barter? Shall we talk?

And I heard nothing for a few days, and was delighted when Rene contacted me to discuss my offer. 

We agreed that before we started to talk about a possible trade and move into negotiating the details, we needed to check with Cito of WONDERboom if the band was available on their wedding date.

I contacted Cito, and after he checked his schedule, they are already booked and confirmed for a concert on the wedding day.

O, what disappointment I felt...

What it showed me though, was that there are people out there who are open to trading, and that they might just be willing to trade in relation to their wedding planning!

So, to add to my list of people I am looking for, is a couple planning their wedding.

What a way to make some memories than with WONDERboom live to entertain and celebrate with a couple starting their life together as husband and wife, and celebrating this union with their closest loved ones!

If you are planning a wedding, get in touch if you’d like to explore if the Rock the House/ Wedding is to be a part of your wedding party!

Trading down

Tonight my trading down strategy caught alight!

I met with James, at a great new restaurant called Craft in Parkhurst (where I need to go back to try their milkshakes!)

James and I bounced some ideas around for how I could trade up my WONDERboom Rock the House item- some ideas I’ll be looking more into.  

And then we got on to the world of property, and specifically commercial property and what I am looking for- which is between 100m2 and 200m2 of space – anywhere! But, as I said to James when he asked, if I could choose, office space in my own home town of Jozi would be first prize.

I learnt some more about the costs involved in renting office space, and ways I could structure my final trade for the onematchstick office.  And then- the ultimate grin factor of the evening - we even spoke about a possible building that could be the home of the future onematchstick office! *punches air*

So without saying too much, because this is really still as a very early stage, and there is a lot of effort and negotiating and networking and asking around and being creative that still needs to happen, this opportunity looks very bright!  

The next steps include James doing some number crunching in excel, and me visiting the building sometime soon.

So yes, my strategy of burning the matchstick at both ends looks like it has caught on fire! 
(More on the other side- the trading up side- to come in my next blog post.)

Burning the matchstick at both ends

I’m still looking for a Man!

So, now that the pause is over... it’s time for my searching to continue.

I’m still looking for a Man! Really!

And I’m also on the lookout for a Lover!  ;)

And possibly even a Hostess.

The Man would be having a mid life crisis and absolutely want to throw a rock concert in his back yard as he wrestles with his inner teenager!

And the Lover would be looking for the opportunity to propose to his future bride in the most unusual way – with WONDERboom singing a love song, live in the background.

And the Hostess throws the most interesting and fun parties, and a ‘rock the house’ party would be her next one. 

And these three people would want to speak to me about my latest item to trade.

So, can you help me find one of these people, please?

Get in touch!  Thanks!

(That's me in the photo, by the way, with 4 men from the Cape Town premiere of "onematchstick, The Movie"... but none are the Man I'm looking for!)

Hitting Play!

The pause button is off!

Yip.  As of this moment, onematchstick is no longer on hold.

Great news hey!?  I am so excited to be on track again.

I had to tie up some loose ends from my previous trade, which took a long while.  And then I had a plan to re-launch with a bang, with some help.  Sometimes though, those we rely on are not able to come through in the way we had all hoped.  No hard feelings, it’s just life.

So instead of waiting some more and relaunching with a bang, I've decided to go ahead with a tcccck-pfffsssssss instead. That’s this sound.  The sound of a matchstick being lit! 

And if you’re wondering what that eerie tinkling tune in the background to my tcccck-pfffsssssss clip is, it’s the soundtrack to onematchstick, the movie!  So take a peek at it to remind you of all my trades up to my previous one (if you’re in a hurry then check out the very short trailer here.)

After that recap, today I have on offer my eleventh item, the awesome “Rock the House” private houseparty for up to 200 people with the band WONDERboom.

So if you want this experience, then make me an offer now! or 0837302979

Let’s PLAY onematchstick!

(Image courtesy of ponsuwan /

Offers for "Rock the House" with WONDERboom

These offers are for the exclusive "Rock the House" Experience with WONDERboom. If you would like to trade with me for any of these offers, please let me know what you would offer me to trade for it by emailing! It will then be much easier for me to decide which item to trade if my next trade is ready to go.
Let your imagination go wild!
Thanks. Telana 

**********OFFERS FOR "Rock the House" with WONDERboom********** 

 No offers yet- be the first? Go on! :)

How big an office do I want?

The more I talk about the onematchstick office space, the more the image in my mind becomes clear. 

There's something about talking through with someone about what is in your thoughts that brings not only energy to it, but clarity and focus.  And it's similar to why I find coaching so powerful - being asked the right questions and then hearing your voice answer them, is powerful stuff for change and creation.

And today, I got to gain clarity from meeting up with Stacey and have her ask me a heap of questions on what I envision the onematchstick office to look like, and what it will be used for.

I love Yarn Bombing! 

Stacey is one of the most curious and creative people I have had the pleasure of meeting through this onematchstick journey. We traded one of her Story Scarves for one of my Springleap T-shirts in a three-way trade, and have been friends ever since.  Recently I joined her in a yarn bomb flashmob in Soweto for one billion rising, and was so moved by the messages of the girls doing the dancing.

one billion rising

And so I was delighted when she contacted me after my last blog and shared that she had more talents I didn't know about.  I learnt that Stacey has some architectural tendencies and a touch of interior design flare.  Just enough of the kind of knowledge to ask me the right questions and decipher my little doodle of the ideal space for the onematchstick office, which I did recently while admiring Mr Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” when I was babysitting for my friend.

Through Stacey's questions and our colour coded calculations, we now know the ideal amount of space that I would like for the onematchstick office.  And the magic number is:

Now, to find someone with 220mof space willing to trade with me for the "Rock the House" with WONDERboom offer, or something else that I can then trade backwards to the rock concert.

220 Metres Squared

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