Challenges and Feedback

I'm taking part in the Future Females awesome "5 Days To Start Business Challenge."

I'm using it to kickstart my final phase of this onematchstick project, of meeting my future Landlord and getting the final offices.

As part of the challenge, I need to get some feedback from... you!

So if you are up for it, I have a 2 page  'concept document' that I would love to share with some peeps who would give me some input and answer a few questions I have, to help me fine tune my next big push.

If that's you, then get in touch with me so we can get going and chatting! THANK YOU!

PS- I'm also a guest blogger for Future Females

Wildlife Photography Master Class and onematchstick

I just spent a fun weekend at the Tapsnapp stand at the Photo Plus Africa expo, getting to tell all the photographers I could about my latest item up for trade,and I'm looking forward to hearing from some of them with offers for the gear!

I met Michael Tucker there - an award winning Wildlife Photographer - and I loved his photos, and he loved my onematchstick idea.  So much so, that he has donated a voucher for his Wildlife Photography Master Class for me to trade on!  How cool is that :)

So I am adding this Voucher to Box 2 of my tech gear item up for trade.  That means that what I have on offer has just increased in value!

More about this Wildlife Photography Master Class:

If you are a photographer and want to learn from the pro Michael about how to take better shots of wildlife, this is a great 6 hour Master class for you!  It is run as 2 three hour sessions one week apart, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You'll learn about animal behaviour, as well as advanced photographic techniques, manual settings  and custom settings.  You'll also tackle low light challenges and also how to get photos of the night sky.  For the full list of all that you will learn and the techniques covered, see this Photographic Master Class page here.

Here I am at the expo with Michael, as he explains more about this voucher on offer:

So, if you would like this course, and all the other gear I have up for trade, get in touch and make me an offer!  Call me on +27837302979 or email

Tapsnapp, Photographers and one matchstick

I’m on this matchstick mission to help start-up entrepreneurs. So what better way to take a step forward on my mission than to get some help from one of South Africa’s exciting start-ups!

They’re called Tapsnapp! And they’re headed up by the entrepreneur and photographer (and past onematchstick trader!) Vije Vijendranath. Any start up entrepreneurs could learn a thing or two from Vije and his entrepreneurial journey.

And Tapsnapp is such an exciting opportunity for photographers and those looking for photographers: As a photographer, you can list yourself, your portfolio and dates available for shoots. Then anyone looking for a professional to take photos and video and capture their memories (from weddings to holidays to corporate and anything in between) can search online, by location, availability and budget, and book and pay for a shoot.
Easy peasy.
Kinda like uber for photographers!

My three boxes of gear to get you off the grid are ideal for photographers – especially those hip photographers who use Tapsnapp, as the solar panels and the outdoor stands for cameras would come in handy for outdoor shoots and shoots done on location.

So Vije has invited me to join him and his Tapsnapp Team at their stand at this week’s Photo Plus Africa Expo.

I’ll be showcasing some of the gear from the 3 boxes that I have up for trade – and taking offers right there and then. Maybe - hopefully! - if the offer is right, I’ll make my next trade at the Tapsnapp stand.

So: calling all photographers. And all Videographers!
Come visit Tapsnapp at the Photo Plus Africa Expo this weekend and make me an offer!

I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday (19th and 20th October 2018) from 09h00 to 17h00 at the Gallagher Convention Center.


Photo Plus Africa Expo -at the Tapsnapp stand.
Venue: Gallagher Convention Center, Johannesburg
Tickets: R100 per day
Tickets available
OR buy tickets at the door

Call me to find us on 0837302979
See you soon!

Bartering in Business

Tamara wrote a great piece for the Gordon Institute of BusinessScience's Magazine, on bartering and how it can  and is – being used in business today.  Check it out here, and especially the bit about Tax!

In my interview with Tamara, she had also asked me what first made me interested in bartering. Well, my earliest memory of bartering was doing an “egg drive” to raise funds for something at primary school.  

I would go to my neighbours and ask them for a donation, or an egg.  If they gave me an egg, I would go the next house and ask them to buy the egg or make a donation of another egg.  And so on, often selling the eggs when I had a half dozen.  And then I would start again asking for one egg.

I also explained how I have used what I learnt from onematchstick in my coaching practice.
For attending my training courses, I’ve bartered with clients cash for covering expenses like printing and venue costs, and then bartered for the persons services for the rest of the training costs.

I have also applied what I learnt when I did what I called “three-ways” to my business.  For an explanation of three-ways see here.

How I applied this was there was a stage a few years ago where I need to upgrade my website for Inner Coaching, and I got a quote from my previous website developers.  

I started saving up for this, and while doing that I also asked my website guys if they would consider bartering for the site (my first ever website I traded coaching for the founder of the company, for my website, so I knew they would be open to bartering).  

They didn’t need any coaching or training at that time, so I asked them what they did need.  They said they wanted a year’s listing on a prominent PR website. 

So I contacted the founder of that PR website, and offered them coaching or training for one of their packages.  They didn’t have a need then either for coaching, and so after asking them what they did need, they said it was their company’s birthday celebrations soon, and they wanted prizes to give away to their readers.  

At that time, Nick who I trade with, the trade of the books for the Strandveld wine, asked me to teach him more about social media, and he’d barter wine for my lessons.  

I convinced him to offer me many cases of Strandveld wine for the lessons and social media consulting, which I then offered to the PR website for their prizes.

They then offered in exchange the year package, which I gave to the website developers, and they in turn gave me a new website for Inner Coaching.  And a 4-way trade was done.  Voila!  

Anyway, check out page 62 in the GIBS Magazine, and let me know if you would use  trading and bartering in your business.  Would you?

Is it time to re-ignite onematchstick?

There have been many twists and turns in my journey of trading a single matchstick up into office space to help startup entrepreneurs, over the last 12 years (yes- over a decade! I cant believe how time has passed).

With my many attempts to get the matchstick burning again, and then circumstances intervening and snuffing out the flame, forcing me to stop again... I've never felt the embers die out totally.

The latest of these bends in my matchstick journey has given me plenty of time to crystallize what we can actually create with the onematchstick office, besides just having a few rooms to work from.  I believe we can use this story and the space it results in, to have a bigger impact on South Africa's startup entrepreneurial landscape.

And so today I have finished my 'concept document' and tonight I start talking to some of the people who have said they were watching and waiting for me... to find out if they are still waiting... and willing to help.

Hopefully this time as I re-ignite my matchstick, I can manage what life throws me AND keep it burning.

#watchthisspace  #Iwillneedhelp #letsgo #sparktime

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.
- Don Williams Jr

My next step in March for onematchstick

Telana and Barry Mitchell

We had a great turnout for the onematchstick Cashflow Game event on Wednesday! Full house! Such a buzz! Jackson’s looked after us so well! 

And Barry facilitated the learnings during the 3 hours.

Louise said afterwards in an email “I can’t even begin to tell you how yesterday’s session made an impact on the way I think. It was such an awesome morning with Barry.” 

And the comments about how much people’s mindsets around money and business shifted, keep coming back to me. 

If you want to want a chance to learn by playing this game, get in touch with Barry for one of his future Cashflow Game events

Now, for the next step with onematchstick: I need to work on getting my strategy into a pitch on paper, and then I have some follow up meetings to organise.  Especially with Carl!
Carl and Telana


The onematchstick Cashflow Game Event with Barry Mitchell

It never ceases to amaze me the magic that comes from the power of intention, mixed with decision, and then action!
  • I have the intention to finish my trades this year and start helping start-up entrepreneurs in the onematchstick office.
  • I decided to dedicate blocks of time in my diary to onematchstick to work on my strategy.
  • And I started taking that action:  Big chunks of my energy and time over the next few months are now dedicated to this project.
And then the magic started happening!

I was at a friend, Tristan’s farewell, and he had said I should speak to his friend in property about onematchstick and that he would connect us that following week.  I was then enjoying standing around the bonfire – Tristan always has a bonfire at his awesome parties – and I ended up striking up a conversation with this exact friend who Tristan wanted to introduce me to.

The conversation somehow ended up with me promising this new contact a game of Cashflow101®, as I have the game at home sitting in the cupboard.... or at least I thought I did.  

A bunch of my friends and I, many years ago, decide to learn about money and finances, and purchased the game, after I met Robert Kiyosaki at one of his events in Johannesburg.  

So, after turning the house upside down over the next few days, I realised that my game has found legs and left the building L

To keep my word, I tracked down Barry Mitchell who has been trained and mentored by Blair Singer (Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki).  After some calls and emails, we have negotiated a trade that has turned out far more exciting than just a game of Cashflow with my new contact.

It has turned into an exclusive event limited to only 20 people to be facilitated by Barry himself! *punchesair*

So, I have already handpicked quite a few of my guests and sent them personal invitations.

If you- as a friend of onematchstick - want to attend, then you will need to email me to apply for a seat at the event, and if I have space I’ll try to accommodate you - but no promises! (better email me soon as seats are getting taken quickly already!) J

Here are the details:



Join me for a fun-filled, high energy session of business, entrepreneurial and financial learning through playing the Game of Cashflow101®, an experiential board game created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Best-Selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and facilitated by the #1 Sales Trainer & Business Coach in Africa, Barry Mitchell.

Date: Wednesday 1st March
Time: 08:00am to 11:00am 
Venue: Jackson's in Bryanston

RSVP Essential, by Friday 24th February, as this is an invite-only exclusive event, limited to 20 interesting friends of onematchtstick.
(Coffee and breakfast for your own account)

As part of my journey, I have a strategy to get to my final goal of the office to help start-up entrepreneurs.  My next step involves negotiating with a new lead, and that negotiation somehow ended up including playing this game.  That led to me finding Barry and trading with him to offer this exciting exclusive event!  So please accept my invitation, knowing you will learn a lot, meet some fascinating people and be supporting me with my onematchstick trading journey in its final exciting stages!

ABOUT the FACILITATOR: Barry Mitchell
Barry has had over 23 years experience in the Sales Industry during which he has managed, lead and taught 100's of businesses the art of Sales & Leadership. His clients range from R200 million companies, to start-ups and individuals... all with the common goal; The desire to significantly change their business and their lives. Barry works with and is mentored by the world’s top Sales & Leadership trainers Blair Singer. Barry's Sales Explosion workshop has helped thousands of people dramatically increase their sales in short periods of time.

What do Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Advisors do to become Rich?

This is a 3-hour event that will give participants an overview and hands-on understanding of what makes rich people richer and poor people poorer by playing Robert Kiyosaki’s Game of Cashflow101.

Are you ready to learn about the 4 ways which could make your financial situation better in 2017?
And are you ready to step up and change the way you have been earning your living?

Barry has trained with Robert Kiyosaki and his team of Rich Dad Advisors and will be sharing their money insights and also practically working with you to teach you how to shift your mindset to think and earn like the Rich, by playing the interactive Robert Kiyosaki’s Game of Cashflow101®.

Some of the insights that Barry will be sharing are:
  • Why being a successful Entrepreneur is more than just making money.
  • The 4 Key Levels to financial learning and which level will create infinite returns.
  • Why only some people will really make it as an Entrepreneur, and what you can do to be one of them.
Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Invest in onematchstick.

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