Another possible future Landlord?

I received a sms today: 
"Got an office in Hyde Park for trade! What you got for me?"
I called them back and explained that my dream, ideal space will be 200m2 for 3 years.  
"Oh, I thought it was an office just for you?  
"Well I do need an office to run my coaching practice from, so yes- some of the space will be for me.  I also want to have enough space to help start-up entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground, and to ultimately help create more jobs - which are so needed today."
There was a pause...

And then I said nonchalantly that I wont be paying rent . . . in Rand currency. I'll be trading it for something they feel is of equal value which will be in some other "currency" which originated from a single matchstick.  It may be a service, or a product, or an experience that they feel is of equal value for the 200m2 of office space, for a  3 year period.  And so we discussed some options.

It turns out that the 'WONDERboom Rock the House' item I have now might not fit for this possible future Landlord #2 (remember, I have a possible future Landlord #1 who I'm also speaking with). 

So maybe I should be trading with my current new offer for WONDERboom to make it a reality, and that might fit with one of the possible future Landlords...?

Either way, time will tell how these deals unfold, and where the one matchstick office ends up.   

We ended the call with a request of me to sms through a summary of what I am looking for, and the way forward. Which I did, and so the negotiation continues (and you wonder why it's taken me 8 years to get this far? ;-) )

It's very exciting that after all these years (yes, it was 8 years in June this year since I traded the matchstick for the ordinary green ballpoint pen) I'm getting genuine calls about actual office space, from people willing to barter for it.

This . . . is . . . FUN! :)  Not only fun, but a possibility too!

I've got a new offer!

A few weeks ago I was at a Metrogaine event organised by the awesome adventure racer Lisa De Speville (she is also the lady behind FEAT - Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talks).

I uploaded this picture to Facebook to mark the occasion:

It was worth marking because at this event I was made an offer for my current item, Rock the House with WONDERboom.  I was so excited I was jumping around!

That energy though didn't help my navigation skills or the distance we covered in the Metrogaine, as my teammate and I came fourth last (out of 35 teams).  But what a fun evening!  I'm so looking forward to the next one.

It then took a few weeks for Rene to put the offer in writing to me.  And then a meeting, a few whatsapp messages, and a couple of phones calls later this offer is surviving my scrutiny and looking good.

Check it out here on my offers page.

So, if you have been scheming to make me an offer, now is the time to get in touch with me as I just might accept Rene's offer...  So call me now on 0837302979!

I need some help, please!

There is a possibility that I might have found my future landlord!

As I work my strategy of burning the matchstick at both ends by trading up from the WONDERboom private Rock Concert and trading down from the office (and hopefully finding a way for these trades to meet in the middle!), I have found a possible office!

My prospective Landlord and I have been crunching numbers, and talking about what he would need in order to trade with me for about 200 meters squared of office space.  How exciting is that! 

And so far we've come up with one idea of a possible trade.  I can’t go into all the nitty gritty’s of the deal here and now as there are still a few meetings to be had before we have something more concrete to share. 

But what I would like to let you in on, and ask for your help with please, has to do with the idea we've found to make this trade work.

If I can find another paying tenant (or two) to introduce to my possible future Landlord, then we might have a way to trade.  It’s a complicated trade, and will involve a few people, so all I need some help with at this stage is to find some people and/ or businesses who would like to rent some office space in Jozi town.

The area is Braamfontein, and it’s a fab building in a great location.  And Braamfontein rocks!  It’s all happening in Braamfontein lately!  Even the Braamfontein Improvement District echo’s that!  

Braamfontein has become quite vibey with its markets, art galleries, night clubs, boutique stores, coffee shops, hotels and bars!  It’s also got a business and education flare, with a few entrepreneurial hubs, WITS University and some international NGO’s.

So it’s the perfect environment for the onematchstick office, don’t you think?

Please help me spread the word, and help me to find my possible future neighbouring tenants! 

If you are looking for office space in Johannesburg, and especially in Braamfontein, or know someone who is, please get in touch with me so I can organize for a viewing of the space, and we can chat about the details.

Call me on 083 730 2979!

Thank you!!


I met Reg Lascaris!

I've been wanting to meet Reg Lascaris since he inadvertently became part of my onematchstick story.  

His book, co-authored with Mike Lipkin (someone else I’d like to meet J), became my third trade that I called: Jack, Mike and Reg.

Well last night I was learning about Ethical Leadership from Professor Al Gini, and knew that Reg was giving a talk for Heavy Chef at GIBS at the same time.  So after I understood more about the virtues of outstanding leaders from Gini, I went and found Reg, still answering a few questions after his talk.

Reg has just written another book, “Lessons from the boot of a car” about his adventure as a start-up entrepreneur, growing one of the most successful advertising powerhouses TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, literally from the boot of his car.

Reg describes his book as “a story-book intended to encourage the novice entrepreneur to make a start”.  It is aimed at Start-up Entrepreneurs- just the kind of people I find fascinating and also want to help with the onematchstick office.  (Read more about why he wrote the book, and a chapter extract here).

So maybe when I have finished trading up to my office space, Reg will come give a talk to all the aspiring start-up entrepreneurs.   And I will be able to hear his story too!

No, I don't do temporary tattoos

But I do know who does.

Remember this (three-way) trade involving Henna Tattoos that I did ages ago, as part of the big 375 T-shirts trade?

Well, it's amazing that out of all the trades that I have done to date, this one has had the biggest echo, if I can call it that.

It has led to me getting phoned and asked if I do temporary tattoo's quite regularly.  

I just had such a call right now, where the lady was looking to partner with someone to do temporary tattoos for a big event.

(And now I'll probably get even more calls after writing this post *dooh!*)

The person I keep referring all these inquiries to is Nikita, as she can do some pretty amazing stuff with Mehndhi.  And I did trade with her for the tattoo party.

It just amazes me how people keep finding me and strike up the conversation as if I am in the tattoo business. #newcareercallingperhaps?

These are a few of the tattoo's that were done
at the onematchstick Henna Tattoo party.
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Gatecrashing with WONDERboom

Going up the lifts to the theatre, with the bell ringing to let us know that the show was about to start, I bumped into Wade and Martin of WONDERboom.   Not too surprising that they were there as well to see Queen at the Ballet, as their lead singer, Cito was in the show, (which was a wonderful show – so if you missed it, you missed out!)

I caught up a bit with them and kinda invited myself to gatecrash their next practice session.

And so I did.

Last night I got to hang out with the guys and meet their new drummer, Jonathan Bell aka Jono, as they worked on their set for their upcoming gigs.

I arrived as they just started a tune, that I learnt was Waterfall by one of their favourite bands, The Stone Roses.  (Yeah, I know- where have I been that I hadn’t come across The Stone Roses till now!). 

The room they were practicing in was pretty sound proof, as I could hear them from inside, like a radio had been left on.  But it was nothing like being inside, with all the electric guitars and speakers and drum set full blast!

They went through some of their set, and spent quite a bit of time on Waterfall as they’ll be doing it as a cover at Splashy Fen this weekend.  I feel like I know Waterfall really well now, noticing which guitar played which bits and when, and how all the band members worked together to produce such foot tapping, soul bouncing tunes!

And I couldn't help but smile at the improv bits in between.  It was all a great example of how practice makes perfect, and hard work pays off!

Now if you trade with me, you’d also get to have a rock concert of your own, in your own backyard, with WONDERboom.  And you’re going to have to invite the neighbours, as there will be no soundproofing of the tunes then!

Thanks WONDERboom for letting me gate crash your practice session!  I had such fun :) 

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