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another matchstick into R10 000

I had another wacky idea, and I’m going to try it out.

It involves auctions, another matchstick, bidorbuy and final goal of R10 000. I’m not going to say much more here, rather you can read about it here.

Night night

Deadline is set

Well, it’s my birthday tomorrow. Yip, another year closer to celebrating my 101st birthday- only 69 years to go! That’s one of the things on my list of 101 things to do before I die, you know: “celebrate my 101st Birthday”. I’ve even got it on my 43 things list. Have you heard of 43 things? It’s quite a funky site.

Anyway, so I had a bit of a celebration with a few friends under the trees over a lazy breakfast at Moyo’s at the Zoo Lake today- a great place if you are not in a hurry to go anywhere. Here I am with my cool Aunt, Catherine- see we both had our faces moyo-i-fied :)

Me, Rod and Catherine

And then we got to see some of the Redbull Boxcart races- Rodrigus has blogged all about it, so you can read it here.

I’ve been thinking, and looking at what Kyle did with his one red paperclip… and I think I have one thing missing- well 2 things, actually. And they are: 1) a deadline, and 2) more participants!

So I’ve set the deadline for trading my onematchstick into offices- and seeing as though it’s my birthday, I decided to make it next years b’day- so the 28th August 2007 is d-day for one matchstick! That means I am aiming to do my last trade for an office by 28th August 2007. K?

And then as for participation- well, that’s where you come in. Yes you, reading this right now, how about helping another person’s dream come true? You see, it shouldn’t cost you anything, just a bit of time and energy, maybe. And you can participate in a number of ways:

1. Just add a comment- tell me what you think, cheer me on, tell me I’m crazy! Anything, just add a comment. It’s quite easy, just click here and try it out.

2. Tell everyone you know about so they can do number 1 above, or number 3 below.

3. Make me an offer- I’m sure if you thought a bit about it, there would be something lying around at home or the office that you don’t need or want anymore, and my current item might be more valuable to you than that item lying around. So maybe you’d be willing to trade with me to get something that you’d find more valuable (and wine is really valuable, don’t you think? Especially such a fine wine as First Sighting)? You could even exchange an experiential item- like a voucher for a day at a Spa! Or... ummm… a micro-light flight! Maybe that is a product/service of your company, and you’re open to bartering?? I think you’re creative; you’ll come up with something!

So there you have it.

One deadline set for 28th August 2007.

And 3 ways you can participate in this whacky project of mine. ;)

And on that note… Over and out!

Trading is fascinating

Well, this trading thing is sure fascinating me at the moment. I’m amazed at the possibilities it opens! I’ve traded and bartered quite a bit over the years, and especially with getting my business going. My latest trade has really been exciting though (and that’s after the excitement of trading to get the 2 cases of wine up for offer right now).

Mike Gray was taking part in a training I was running for a few people- we were meeting every second Monday night and working through the Wealth Building training I run. It’s a great course, in that it covers all the findings Dr Michael Hall has exposed from his many years of modelling the structure of many millionaires minds, and his research into creating wealth. But I digress- as I do when I start on a topic that captivates me!

So Mike took part in the course, and during the few months of meeting every 2 weeks, he heard about my onematchstick project. A couple of days later- which was a few weeks ago - I got an email from Mike offering me a temporary office at his offices, which is the head office of Uniglobe Travel. And in exchange, I could take his management team through a coaching programme. Well what an offer!!

After going and having a look at the office, and speaking more to Mike about his coaching needs, we agreed that it’s a great Win-Win for both of us, and I moved in! I thought I’d mention it to you when it was all final and confirmed.

And this Thursday just been I had a few friends and my family over to “launch” Inner Coaching’s new Temporary Office. It’s now “home” until I finish trading my onematchstick for my OWN offices, with space to still mentor another fellow start-up entrepreneur! So don’t think that I’m giving up my onematchstick project- no sur-reee-bob! This project is just so much fun – and I don’t give up on ideas with funtential - plus I have a vision of my own offices. So it’s still full speed ahead with trading, and this is a great stepping stone towards that!

So how exciting! Wooohooo! If you’d like to pop by sometime to say hi, just give me a buzz on +27 83 730 2979 to make sure I’m there and not with a client, or doing some work at my home office (still doing a bit at home every now and again) and I’ll make you a cup of coffee, or tea if you’d prefer! I even have water to offer you! It’ll be great to have visitors! The address is:

Inner Coaching at UNIGLOBE Travel SA Offices
2nd Floor, 3 Kramer Road,
South Africa

See ya then!

PS- our phone line is down again… so if I’m a bit quiet- it’s because I can't get access to the net to blog! Telkom- pleeeeez come and fix our line again! Thanks


Some people were mischievous recently! What fun!

Mischief- click here for story

What mischief have you been up to lately? Add a comment and share, I DARE you!

Telana :)

PS- Rodrigus the Frogs been getting up to some mischief of his own- and he's got his own blog now- check it out here:

18 bottles of First Sighting up for trade

Bartholomeu Dias, maritime explorer, left his native Portugal in search of a trade route to the east around the tip of Africa. In the year 1488, he first sighted Cape of Good Hope thereby opening a gateway to a new world of trade, which would have a profound influence on Europe and the continent of Africa.

Tabula noua parties Africæ. (Can anyone tell me what this means? It is on the box of Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve googled it but can’t find a translation…)
pays homage to Bartholomeu Dias and his adventure which opened a sea route to the East. First Sighting wines open a new route into the world of wine for their customers.

And now First Sighting is part of the onematchstick adventure too, opening a new route into blogging!

trade 2 books for 2 cases of First Sighting Nick and Telana

I’d say that Nick is a like minded trader- I found out over lunch with him yesterday when I went to make the trade, that he also trades wine with his dentist for his checkups! So trading with me for Jack, Mike and Reg was quite simple for Nick, I think, and the exciting bit is that Nick can now say he’s been blogged! A first for him!

He owns Agulhas Wines, and in the mid 2000's they made wine from about 80 tons of their own grapes- and the First Sighting label was created. Nick traded 2 cases with me- one case of 6 bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc, and another case of 12 bottles of the Shiraz (an extra 6 bottles than he originally offered- BONUS!). The other cultivar (a big wine word for me) is the Chardonnay. Nick was saying that all these wines are everyday drinking wines, and you can enjoy them anywhere, but- and this is the part I like about them- they really pair well with ADVENTURE!

So who’s feeling adventurous out there? Who’ll make me an offer for the 2 cases of 18 bottles of First Sighting?

What you get:

6 bottles of First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc 2006.
This is a crisp, fresh wine with asparagus, buchu, fig and wild gooseberry flavours. The grapes selected were grown in the Elim region. The vineyards are planted in poor flint soils in the coolest and southernmost vineyards in Africa. Gale-force winds off the sea at Cape Agulhas result in small yields and grapes with intense flavour. The Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile food wine – You can enjoy it with your favourite seafood or pasta dishes, or simply on its own.

12 bottles of First Sighting Shiraz 2004
This wine is characterised by the flavours of red fruits with vanilla oak and ending on a spicy white pepper aftertaste. Selection of vineyards was based upon the vineyard's visibility from a passing ship at sea. Two vineyards were chosen, one in the Darling region and the other in the Agulhas region. The grapes from Darling give us ripe fruit with soft tannins while the Agulhas grapes provide the distinctive cool climate with white pepper aftertaste. The Shiraz was matured in French oak barrels for 14 months. It is a versatile food wine – you can try it with heavy beef or tomato-based dishes. Simply delicious.

So I’m now accepting offers for the 2 cases of First Sighting. Email me on or call me on +27837302979.

Here’s to adventure!

Offers for 2 Cases of First Sighting

These offers are for 2 Cases of First Sighting- 18 bottles of wine. If you would like to trade with me for any of these offers, please let me know what you would offer me to trade for it by emailing! It will then be much easier for me to decide which item to trade if my next trade is ready to go. Let your imagination go on an adventure! Thanks. T

**********OFFERS FOR 2 cases of First Sighting**********

Michelle and I would like to offer an air ticket for local travel in South Africa to the value of R1,000.00 for your First Sightings Wine you have on offer on your site onematchstick. We think it is wonderful the way you are trying to encourage everyone to join in.

The ticket value is R1,000.00 and any further costs must be paid for by the Client who accepts this offer and no refunds can be made.

Please let us know when we can exchange these…..Monday would be the best day for me

Kevin and Michelle Smith


Hi Telana,

I would like to offer 1 week or 2 weekends at our cottage in the Magaliesburg. It sleeps 5, although small but is fully equipped (gas no electricity). It is set in the Utopia nature reserve 1.5 hours from JHB and is a very tranquil peaceful place with lovely walks, 2 pools, tennis courts a restaurant and putt putt!

Attached is a pic – it looks similar to this but our pics are stuck on my camera! When I have them I will forward to you.

Bedroom Views Utopia

FYI – (it rents out at R500 per night)
Claire Douglas


Hi Pie, I found a lovely round non stick electric frying pan - please use as a trade for the wine. Thanks. Catherine
I spoke to your mom yesterday about the wine - I did not know the name of the wine and didnt realise that it is quite expensive. My little round electric frying pan just wont do - please dont use, I will try again at a later date.



What exactly are you doing, Telana? How does it work?

This seems to be the number one question right now. So let me try explain….

I am trading one matchstick up for offices. How it works is I started with a matchstick that I had lying around at home, waiting for me to light one of my many candles (yes, I like candle light).

So Nikki offered me a pen for my matchstick, so I traded with her.

Then I swapped the pen with Megan for her fluffy frog (who is called Rodrigus, and he likes to travel -you can see his adventures here).

Then Retha offered to look after Rodrigus and in exchange she gave me 2 books.

Nick then traded 2 cases of his First Sighting Wine with me for the 2 books. And so it went...

So you can see, each time I trade, I am aiming to trade up in value and will keep trading up until my last trade will be with whatever I have at that time, with some fun-loving person for offices.

Read this 2 pager for more of an explanation
Or watch this movie of my story up to the big Tshirt trade!

How do I barter or trade with you?

I explain more about this on this page, which has a short clip of a chat I had with the No Money Guy about his tips on how to barter. Does that help?

The best way is to get in touch with me and we can talk about what you have to offer, to work out a trade.

Why did you start with a matchstick?

Because I had one lying around waiting to light a candle (I kind of have a thing for candles ;) !
Also I chose a matchstick because of it's potential- when you strike a match it has the potential to light a candle, or a bonfire- it's all about choice.

What kind of office are you looking for?

I have a vague idea, but want to wait and see what I am offered. I have a feeling that when the time comes, the right office space will be offered. So let's wait and see...

If you have any questions, post them here as a comment or email me on

Cool beans!

I've made my next trade :)

Yip, it's a done deal. I took Nick up on his offer for the 2 cases of First Sighting. He seemed quite excited when I called him, but not as excited as I am! 2 books traded for 2 cases of wine- now that's got magic written all over it!

I'll be going to do the actual trade sometime this afternoon, so you can read all about it later, maybe tomorrow...

And I've been getting quite a few questions, so I think it's time I started a FAQ section, so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. So if you have a burning question that you'd like me to answer, send it to me!

Ok, must dash out now!

Contact me

Feel free to get in touch with me by any of these means (even if it's just to say hi!):



call or sms:
+27 83 730 2979


find me on linkedin or on Facebook

You can try shout, or send flares into the night sky, but I can't gaurantee I'll hear you or see your flares ;)

Hope to hear from you soon! and feel free to use anything from this blog for your article or website

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Hey! This is great! I've just found google groups and created a mailing list for anyone who wants to be kept in the know when something exciting happens on my journey from one matchstick to offices! It’s free! Easy to use! And funky too!

So come on, sign up!

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Rod's trip to London

Linda Hart and Rodrigus the Frog are back from London! They got back last week, just as my ADSL line went down for a few days, so only getting to update you now.... (I would like to really thank Khumo from Telkom who spent his weekend working on our line to get it back up and running!) Anyway, here's what Linda had to say about their trip:

Hallo Telana
Two pictures from London of Rod the frog and his travels. Its been 30 degrees and above the last week in london and we both melted - needing to drink ale, champagne and whatever else came to hand that was cold! Ice had run out and water in short supply for us both.

Rodrigus and Linda outside the V&A London

Attended the modernism exhibition at the V& A which was brilliant and of course our first civil partnership between my dear friends Robert van den Hurk and Kirk Bloomgarden. They have been together 17 and a half years and have now decided to legalise their relationship as permitted under British law. The "Wedding ceremony" was held at the historic Petersham Hotel in Richmond Surrey, overlooking the Thames on another blisteringly hot day. Rod caused quite a stir amongst the international guest list.

Rodrigus with Linda, Robert and Kirk Speak Soon, Linda Hart

So I wonder where Rod will get to travel to next? Would you like to take him somewhere?
let me know!

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